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CCAC Approves 2019 ATB Quarter, OSS Gold Medal Designs

CCAC - Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

Committee member Donald Scarinci serves as guest Chair

By CoinWeek News Staff ….
The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) held an open meeting at the United States Mint on Tuesday, September 19 in which interested members of the public were invited to attend or to listen in on a teleconference line. Two primary items were on the agenda: the review and approval of coin design candidates for the 2019 batch of five America the Beautiful quarter reverses and the review and approval of obverse and reverse designs for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Congressional Gold Medal.

2019 America the Beautiful Quarters

CCAC Quarter Recommendations The five America the Beautiful quarters for 2019 are among the last in the long-running series. Comprising entries 46 through 50 out of a total of 56, they represent the following national parks and historic sites: Lowell National Historical Park (Massachusetts), American Memorial Park (Northern Mariana Island), War in the Pacific National Historical Park (Guam), San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (Texas), and Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (Idaho). National parks are depicted on the reverse of each America the Beautiful quarter one per state or territory and according to the date in which they were established.

Design 11 was selected for the Lowell National Historical Park quarter. The park is notable for preserving the architecture, layout and history of one of the first intentionally-planned industrial communities in the United States. The winning design features one of the mill girls that played such an important role in the work force at Lowell, working at a loom. The water that powered the community’s mills is seen transforming into the very thread that became the textiles that Lowell’s factories produced.

Guam’s War in the Pacific National Park will be represented by design three. Many committee members favored design six, which features a sea turtle underwater, swimming over a downed Japanese plane, but concerns over the potential frivolousness of the design in the face of the loss of life suffered during World War Two–and the treasury Department’s seeming aversion to a design featuring turtles–led the committee to choose the military-themed design three as the safe choice. Committee members expressed concerned about the possibly awkward-looking abbreviation used for the island’s names; they recommended that alternatives be researched.

San Antonio Missions Park is one of the oldest historical sites honored as a national park or historical site within the entire National Park Service (NPS). It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 2019 ATB quarter will feature design 3B, which takes its inspiration from the reverse of a Spanish eight reales piece.

Finally, the River of No Return Wilderness quarter will utilize design 5A. There was some debate over the generic romanticism of a howling wolf, but in the end the design was selected – provided that the neck of the wolf be revised and improved.

One design selection, however, was not finalized. Committee members expressed interest in design one for the American Memorial Park quarter, but have asked that a new portfolio of variations on the design be produced for ultimate approval at the next meeting.

Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal

Interestingly, the CCAC had selected designs for the Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal at its last meeting on June 21. But after listening to the Committee’s discussion of prospective designs, the group representing the OSS decided to take a new look at the design candidates. They then selected different obverse and reverse designs and had the artist make certain changes to better match the group’s new preferences. Obverse one and reverse three were then presented to the CCAC for final recommendation.

As a result, obverse one and reverse three will go to the Treasury Secretary for final selection.

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