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Upcoming Central States Numismatic Society Auction Features Finest Known VAM

“Acquiring an 1887 with a clashed E is considered a landmark event by most variety specialists” …, Jeff Oxman wrote in his book, The Hot 50.

For more than a decade, that VAM has been listed in the TOP 10 by those who write about or collect VAMs.

Recently, the sale prices of examples have dropped and collector interest appears to have somewhat waned.

That will probably change next month when Heritage holds its auction at the Central States Numismatic Society Convention in Schaumburg, IL April 23- 27. In it, the finest-known example of a 1887-P VAM 1B, a PCGS graded MS63, will be offered.

morganvamCosigned to the auction by NTR Bullion Group in Dallas, the coin is one that can define a period of collecting.

“I thought I might turn you on to an exciting recent find my dad made (like son, like father I suppose..),” said collector and NTR principle Michael “Taylor” Munkittrick.

The bidding activity will be closely watched.

Currently, there are 37 examples listed on the SSDC Registry, with the finest identified as a PCGS AU55 coin owned by Tim Cannard.

The highest estimated value for the VAM in the VAMview Retail Price Guide is $4,500 for an AU50 example.

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