CoinWeek Designer Profile: Friedrich Brenner

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Friedrich Brenner (October 15, 1939 – ) is a German sculptor and engraver. Brenner studied under Josef Henselmann at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (1960-1965) and studied coin and medal design under Karl Roth (1964-1966). Brenner worked for an architectural firm in Augsburg before leaving to work as a freelance sculptor in 1980.

His coin credits include Germany’s 2008 2-euro commemorative coin honoring Ludwigskirhhe in Saarbrücken, the 2011 10-euro 500 years of Till Eulenspiegel, and the 2015 Upper Middle Rhine Valley 100-euro gold coin.


CoinWeek Coin Profiles: The Designs of Friedrich Brenner

germany100euromittelrheintal2015obv2015 Germany 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Site 100 Euro Gold Coin





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