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CoinWeek Readers React to Silver Eagle Sell Out

By CoinWeek …..
On Thursday, February 11, the last Proof American Silver Eagle to feature the iconic Heraldic Eagle reverse by John Mercanti went on sale at noon Eastern Standard Time. For collectors assembling a complete set of what is now considered the “Type I” Silver Eagle–especially those who have been loyal customers of the United States Mint since 1986 when the series debuted–the 2021 issue struck at West Point is an important and emotionally-tinged coin.

And with the heightened interest and demand in this particular release, the 2021-W Silver Eagle Proof was sold out on the Mint’s website within minutes. Inevitably, many buyers were left disappointed when they were not able to purchase a coin. Since the potential was there for this release to become yet another in a long line of frustrations with the United States Mint’s approach to online sales, CoinWeek reached out to our readers on FaceBook yesterday afternoon to see what their experiences were like and what thoughts they had to share with other collectors. Below is a sampling of those comments, edited for clarity.

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Tim Grueger: In 13 hours after the American eagle went on sale they were out!! I saw where you can purchase from the secondary market for $103 only 13 hrs after!!! What a big slap in the face for the small regular person! Very disappointed in the mint. No wonder collecting just for the joy in it is gone. You cannot compete

Kevin Hauge: The Congrats were NOT even for sale! It was the first thing I put in my cart & went to the proof & I was told the $75 congrats set was NOT AVAILABLE! The MINT says NO LIMIT! I call BS! The MINT used to make millions of these, so why the hell are they being so limited!

Steve G. Schumann: I bagged 2 Eagles right off the bat – no issues at all. No weird page timeouts or other crap either, smooth transaction. (Editor: Lucky you! Congratulations!)

Dean Tanaka: Bought a couple. Good enough for me. (Editor: Ditto!)

Tim Brock: I’m signed up through the auto-enrollment program. I don’t even think about it, the mint just charges my credit card and sends them to me. (Editor: Sounds like a smart idea. Here’s the link: folks.)

Jeremy McDaris: How can I have 2 items in my cart and the mint remove those items? I’m tired of trying to buy something only to be pissed on by the mint.

Ricky Boothe: Well the dealers will be selling a $73 coin for $300 probably Collecting coins is not fun anymore.

Alex Tobey: Don’t trust the U.S. Mint. I bought mine on eBay. (Editor: From someone who bought theirs from the U.S. Mint.)

Mark Dymond: I think the issue is there was a 99 household limit so bots and scalpers picked it up quickly.

Mark Franzosa: I’m an enrollment customer as well and got my confirmation in e-mail yesterday.

Donald McNamee: They sold out almost instantly. Put my name on the notification list. Not keeping my hopes up.

Craig Burkhart: What’s the best way to find release date/times? (Editor: We tell you on CoinWeek. The Mint also posts and regularly updates an easy to follow 2021 Product Release Schedule).

* * *

Were you able to order one (or more?) yourself? Were you unsuccessful? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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    • I had one congratation set in my bag at 12:02 then pressed ‘checkout’ and then it said ‘invalid item please remove.’ It was 12:04 and now the item was gone and could no longer be ordered. WHY??? How could it be out in 4 min?? After the fiasco of the v75 coins and the WWII coins I’m really traumatized. Is it because of BOTS? 75,000 coins on hand should have meant could be able to get ONE within the first 4 minutes!! I speak for all who missed out that quickly who are OUTRAGED. No enrollment avail for this coin by the way. This was a special gift for someone important to me and I’m mad.

    • You may need to check your payment account . I also do the enrollment. Got a confirmation that I also got it. US mint account says it is processing. My bank account did say payment is pending. Now there is nothing on my bank account from the mint and can’t get any answers if I am getting the coin or not. I have listened to several different collectors on you tube. They said they have heard the mint is sending cancellation notices out to people. Good luck. Hope you we get them. I was also told by the mint by email and phone that the new design silver eagles won’t be part of the enrollment program.

  1. I don’t understand how they come up with household limits.
    The V75 ASE Mintage was 75000, and had a household limit of 1.
    This 2021-W Proof ASE mintage was 387k, and had a household limit of 99… how does that make any sense?
    I can understand increasing it to maybe 5-10 max, but 99, when they know more than 3800 people are going to be trying for one.
    I ended up buying a pre-sale graded one on ebay for $200 (after one order that I bought and paid $150 was cancelled by another seller).

  2. Got 4 without any problems and 2 Christie McCauliffe’s preordered. Had the page ready to go at 1200 figured they would sell out quick.

  3. Total Bummer I m on the west coast and received the email at five in the morning. They were gone by the time the sun came up. They didn’t show any love for other time zones.

    • Actually, it did not go on sale until 12PM Eastern time, 9:00AM Pacific.

      However, the webpage shows the same “Remind Me” box they use before it is released and after it sells out!

    • This is the reason that I seldom order from the mint. I tried to order the congrats coin immediately and was shown as not available. Bedamed collectors. The tv hucksters get theirs first.

  4. I had my enrollment set for quantity 1 but was worried that it might backorder. So I decided to take a chance and buy one thru the regular ordering process. I seem to always be part of the majority that can’t get one. I was able to get it into my cart right at 12 noon and 10 seconds (ET) as well as one of the Congratulations Set. As soon as I pushed place order button, the website stated in RED that the Congratulations Set was unavailable. Then thought to myself both were not going to happen. Again. Same old thing as in the past on the website. I then took the Congrats set out and hit place order again. With a sigh of relief, I was able to purchase (and keep) The proof eagle. The enrollment one went thru ok too. I hadn’t know it was processed much earlier in the morning. This has never happened for me before on all the instant sellouts of the eagles that I waited patiently for. Maybe the few lucky ones that got them (myself included) this time were recognized by the Mints system as overdue. Who really knows. Both hit my credit card and both were email confirmations. But still, I need to have them in my hand before I really rejoice the moment. In essence, I was one of the real lucky regular collectors.

    • This release had a Household Limit of 99, so you could have upped your enrolment quantity to 99 and it would have gone through ( assuming your form of payment goes through).

      BUT…. That is probably why it sold out so quickly…. Enrolments are set aside a day before it is released to the public.

  5. Got mines no problem I feel so freaking honored I just got one I’m a little person and just on my mobile phone so I think it’s just all about fate you know collecting and the fun of it is all there because that’s just City if there was one for everybody to get what would be the fun of that that’s why it’s limited editions and then that’s why there’s just those are just here for the taking so I can understand the disappointment in some and others but it’s it’s it’s not even about early bird gets the worm is just had some of us will get it and some of us want I am definitely happy that this is one of the first things that I can actually be like I got a chance to get in the beginning and it’s I got one that there’s nobody else has not not everybody can get but we can and hey that’s the whole point of collecting cuz you going to collect it and you’re going to get it and you know the one that’s going to be worth more than what you paid for it well I get to enjoy for a small time so don’t be so butt hurt everybody relax there’s got to be something else

  6. I had enrollment and still didn’t get even a single one.

    Next year I’m switching to Britannias, the new SE won’t be worth dealing with this level of incompetence.

    • Victoria. I agree. Royal mint I have been buying for years and no issue when new coins come out. Sovereigns Etc. The annual Britannia proof is exciting due to a new design every year. ASE boring every year and overrated.

    • Yep, I also experienced the “..a problem with your data…” after bagging only one, then got the “this product is not available ” notice at 12:08. I had been logged in at noon, selected successfully one proof coin, was at checkout when things went sideways,
      then disappointed when verifying my info only to be told the product was Unavailable. I’m unhappy with the performance of mints online store – even after having my account ready. :( I miss speaking with a real person on the phone as I have done before they changed to online only. :( J. Diaz.

  7. I got my ASE Proof through the enrollment process on 2/10 (shipped today). Ordered a Congrats Set at 9 am Thursday successfully, got the order confirmation at 9:30 am, but my order status went from “processing” to “backordered” in mid afternoon yesterday. Also ordered online a 2nd ASE proof at 9:15 am Thursday successfully and that order is still “processing”.

  8. I logged into the mint’s website and waited as the minutes ticked down to 12:00 p.m. Eastern. Put one in the shopping cart and checked out as fast as I could. I knew with such a low mintage number there is a possibility that it may disappear if I did not check out quickly enough but I did make it. I went back about 20 minutes later to check the site and it said that they were not available.

  9. I tried to order two of the proof ASE’s at noon. Twice the mint’s website choked and I had to re-enter some of my information, but then my order went through and the mint sent a confirmation email.

    In addition to the comments of other disappointed collectors in this thread, the fact that I am amazed about having successfully ordered two coins, speaks volumes about the mint’s level of incompetence.

  10. The 99 household limit was clearly corruption from the US Mint officers. They should be invested for their corrupt behavior. They made a deal with the traders and ignored the rest of us. They should be fired and replaced immediately.

    • So how about those coins that are released with NO Household limit? Whonis the US Mint conspiring with in that case?

      The one thing you are complaining about is actually part of the discretion that Mint employees have to decide based on mintage numbers/product numbers (both of which are set by the bill or statute that authorized the issuing of that particular coin.and expected level of demand.

  11. Dealers on TV seem to have a bunch to sell and I could not get one! Do they get preference? I subscribe from the mint for other products and could not purchase one silver eagle. Prices are up $20.00 by dealers! May say bye to the mint.

  12. The mint will do anything for dealers to make money and make the coin worth more by limiting the number they produce and sell .Special and emergency eagles , I stopped collecting eagles when they started with the congratulations set mumbo jumbo .Don’t buy them and they will change their selling process .JGL

  13. Jeez so much whinning and complaining about the mint,By now you should be at a point where you realize “you dont always get what you want,Coin Collecting is just that if they made enough coins for everybody they really wouldnt be worth having,

    • You have a good point Stephen , but tell me how is it that the dealers have hundreds and hundreds to sell the next day but the little guys struggle to get a couple thru on the US Mint website?? And is that fair?

      • Dealers don’t have to buy their ASE’s (or any other coin for that matter) online like you and I.

        If they did, how could they already have 2021 ASE’s not only in stock to sell/ship, but ones that have already been graded!?!?!?

    • Actually, it did not go on sale until 12PM Eastern time, 9:00AM Pacific.

      However, the webpage shows the same “Remind Me” box they use before it is released and after it sells out!

  14. I got mine LMAO.
    I’m a subscriber; I buy 5 proofs and 5 UNC every year.
    The last ATB comes out this year; I’ll have the complete set.
    My automatic order was filled on the 11th and already in the mail.

    LOL LOL LOL. I kinda figured 2021 was “important.”
    Thank you, US MINT, for filling my subscription at the “low low price” of $73; I even got free S&H.
    Hurry supplies are limited; oh wait, what? sold out? AHHH, too bad.

  15. US MINT has pissed me off multiple times this century by selling out ASAP , telling me sold out as I checkout, server freeze ups and much more. Writing nicely and hatefully does no good at all. And I mean snail mail. I’ve even wrote Congress. I wised up on normal releases when I signed up for the subscription service on Eagles and silver mint sets.

  16. I checked out for congratulations set got “order received email” received a “order confirmed” email same day got a cancellation notice saying it was no longer in inventory so mad to receive a confirmation email only to be cancelled because they don’t know what they’re doing nothing like getting my hopes up

  17. I had to buy mine of shopcsntv.com. Yeah I paid about 2 1/2 times of what the mint was selling them for. I’m enrolled to get the type 2 without any issues

  18. I ordered one promptly at noon. I didn’t expect a sell out. Hopefully they will make more available. There should not be a limit.

  19. I use enrollment for everything possible I’m interested in, including the Eagle proof, but I’m still seething over the WWII fiasco. 4 products gold/silver, and despite being locked and loaded well before noon on the 2 sale dates I couldn’t get a dammed thing. I’ve since gotten periodic text alerts on new stock only to be turned away despite responding immediately. The site is infested with bots while the mint itself, despite denial, feathers the nest of high volume dealers and TV hucksters.
    US Mint should check into the much more orderly and fairer process being used by the UK’s Royal Mint.

  20. Can someone tell me how the dealers get hundreds and hundreds of these, do they have some type of computer program hooked into the USMint?

  21. Couple questions I hope someone will answer, does it matter how fast your computer or internet is or both to get into the Mint during these events and also do you think the new design S mint will later this year be as popular? Thanks

  22. I gave up on the mint when they skipped a year in the Proof Silver Eagle Program. About a year ago my friend and i took the challenge and got on the phone to order one of their limited issue fiascos. My very first call went through…but i was a minute or two early and the mint employee refused to stay on the line with me. From there…my friend and i called [using 2 phones and instant redial] over 40 times until they stopped taking calls in less than 8 minutes. That was and will be the last time i will ever order directly from the U.S. Mint. Good luck to rest of you!

  23. the following day i was on the US Mint website and saw the ASE was available. What?? I thought some kind of joke. I went in to purchase it and surprisingly I was able to buy it. Someone’s payment must have fell through. Anyway I was very glad.

  24. Certain dealers were eligible for advance releases and were able to pick up coins from the US Mint distribution center in Memphis on Monday the 8th. NGC provides a special holder with a capitol “A” with an arrow if the dealer delivers the coins to Sarasota by noon eastern time on Thursday the 11th. The Coin Vault is selling them for $499.98 and Mezack for even more. The coin shows are trying to say the advance releases sales are not the reason the ASE proofs and Congratulations Sets went unavailable so quickly.

    My subscription order for the 2021 W Proof ASE arrived today. My second 2021 W Proof ASE and Congratulations Set are still showing “Processing” as of today. I received an email from the US Mint today saying mailing is delayed due to the cold weather in the south, but orders are expected to ship next week.

  25. Wow i don’t get this crazy mint, this morning 02-20-21 i’m on the US mint web site waiting on a product notification for this silver Eagle and bam I get an email and a text that is available , But guess what it never popped up for sale on the site I was on the page to purchase it never took my eyes off the screen, I just dont get them at all beyond frustrating !!! and of course tried to call them and you cant get thru

  26. I have absolutely quit the MINT, They have allowed the big dealers to buy up every potential good collective now for years via unscrupulousness purchasing. No use for the MINT or any MONT products, They are harming the dying coin collection environment by allowing the instant buyouts from dealers behind the scenes which they promised to prevent. You are probably already seeing them available by the hundreds from the major dealers at huge mark ups Screw the MINT they have killed coin collecting. Need to fire the MINT directors who have now allowed this time after time.

  27. I had my subscription set up for four of them just checked my order history and it says it has been cancelled .I never cancelled the order called the US mint asked them what happened all they said was nothing we can do about the mistake.

  28. This whole thing is a racket between the mint, dealers and grading services. The mint allowed certain dealers to get coins early to ship to the grading services, now they’re selling advanced order coins, mo money, mo money. You can be mad and call the mint or write but they don’t care. It’s the dealers and the grading services making the money and you paying those high prices to purchase coins from dealers. .what a RIP OFf or is that capitalism.

    • Agreed – 100%. The real problem is large coin dealers especially the ones that do coin television are mass buying the coin’s even if it means hiring others to buy on their behalf to circumvent the household limits. Do you not see how much money they make by getting those coin’s in bulk and then certifying them. They are selling the 2021 W proof American Silver Eagles at a minimum of 5X their costs. Same goes for other mint product offerings that sell out in a few minutes.

  29. I enjoyed reading all these comments.
    I have been buying from a company that buys in bulk and have always trusted the representative since 2014.
    I did not realize the huge markup in price.
    He calls me when he has something he thinks will interest me. Recently I purchased from him 3 Eagles: 2021 (P) Emergency Production FDI MS 70 for $295.
    2021-W FDI Proof 70. $395 Ultra Cameo
    2021-W Congratulations Set Proof 70 U.C. for $695. All are NGC graded and signed by Mercanti . The two 2021-W coins look identical and are in the same flag holder. The difference is the one in the holder for $695 has congratulations set above First Day of Issue. That makes it rarer and worth the $300 difference ? I would appreciate a knowledgeable person responding to that question. Thanks.

    • Hi Robert,

      I cannot comment on the company or individual that you are dealing with as I do not know the specifics of your situation. However, I will advise you that you have a wealth of information available to you at your fingertips about any product that you are offered over the telephone.

      You said that “I have been buying… since 2014” and that you “did not realize the huge markup in price”. Why are you only discovering this now, after seven years of activity?

      Do you feel that this salesperson that calls “when he has something he thinks will interest me” really thinks it will interest you because it is a good deal or because you have given him reason to believe you will purchase these offerings without digging too deeply into the matter?

      You could be getting great deals and everything you have done so far may have worked out… but you should know what you are doing before committing to purchase any coin based on a phone solicitation.

  30. Thank you for your comment. I started with him by buying ancients and older US coins. The next thing I know I am buying Pandas, Australia Coins- Wing tailed Eagles,all the best pedigrees Mercanti signed. Some old shipwreck coins. All very nice. But I feel I’ve stretched too far. How much is too much for the highest pedigree 2021-W Eagle? Thanks for your response.

    • What is the highest pedigree on a Silver Eagle?

      In numismatics, a pedigree is used to connect coins to prior collectors and major collections. What possible pedigree could a coin that is just issued from the United States Mint have? A signature on a label is NOT a pedigree. It is an added value proposition, sure. But it is not a pedigree.

  31. The real problem is large coin dealers especially the ones that do coin television are mass buying the coin’s even if it means hiring others to buy on their behalf to circumvent the household limits. Do you not see how much money they make by getting those coin’s in bulk and then certifying them. They are selling the 2021 W proof American Silver Eagles at a minimum of 5X their costs. Same goes for other mint product offerings that sell out in a few minutes.


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