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Collecting the Coins of Austria: 1 Euro Cent

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1 Euro Cent (2002-Present)

The smallest of the circulating euro coins, the diminutive 1 euro cent has virtually no purchasing power but, much like the cent in the United States, it circulates widely as a change-making coin. The 1 euro cent replaced the 10 groschen as Austria’s lowest value circulating coin when the Alpine country switched to the euro in 2002. 

Coin Specifications:

Composition: copper-plated steel | Weight: 2.3 grams | Size: 16.25mm


National Side (Side Unique to the Issuing Country)

Designer: Josef Kaiser

Gentian (Gentiana acaulis) flower, centered. Inscription reads: EIN EURO CENT (ONE EURO CENT). Date located to the bottom right of the flower. The arced flag of Austria is positioned below the flower and the date.

Central devices and inscription encircled by an inner border. Stars representing each of the original 12 member states of the Eurozone circle the perimeter of the coin and are bordered by a raised outer rim.

Common Side 

Designer: Luc Luycx (View Designer’s Profile)

Denomination represented by large numeral “1” and the inscription EURO CENT, all italicized. To the bottom right is a globe, focused on the continent of Europe. Granulated topography individuates Europe from the visible landmasses of Africa and Asia. Behind the Earth are 12 line segments (or six lines divided in two) with a star at each far end. The designer’s initials “LL” appear to the right of the Earth. Design encircled by a raised rim. 

Production Notes:

The Austrian Mint strikes the euro cent in three unique finishes: a business strike intended for general circulation; a satin finish specimen strike produced for collector sets; and proofs, which are sold in annual proof sets.


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Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker have been contributing authors on CoinWeek since 2012. They also wrote the monthly "Market Whimsy" column and various feature articles for The Numismatist and the book 100 Greatest Modern World Coins (2020) for Whitman Publishing.

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