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Error Coins, Tokens and Medals Offered in Upcoming Heritage Auctions

Mint Errors Month-Long Auction

Mint errors take center stage again in Heritage’s latest Month-Long Internet Auction. Bidding is open now, with the concluding Live Session scheduled for 5:00 PM CT on Thursday, April 15. All bidding will take place through the link above.

A highly unusual error offered in this auction comes from The Errorpalooza Collection – a 1981 cent die cap on a nickel planchet. Die caps occur when a struck coin fails to eject from the press and successive strikes on new planchets warp the original coin around one of the die faces, resulting in a uniface “cap” with the design of the capped die struck into the depths of the cylinder. Virtually every instance of such an error involves a die cap produced with a planchet of the same denomination as the die, sometimes bonded with other planchets of the same denomination. The present piece, however, is a die cap formed by a nickel planchet on a cent die, making this a double error of sorts — a die cap and a wrong planchet. We cannot recall having seen such a piece in recent memory.

Some of the other fascinating errors offered in this auction include:

Certified Tokens and Medals

Heritage is also offering a Month-Long auction featuring a selection of Certified Tokens and Medals. Open for bidding now, this auction concludes with a live session at 6PM CT on April 8.

This auction has an abundance of Civil War tokens – privately issued pieces that were designed to circulate as money during the Civil War – with particular emphasis on Civil War Merchant tokens, or storecards. Some of the notable offerings include:

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We encourage you to view the coins, tokens, and medals in these auctions and place your bids at coins.HA.com.

Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctionshttps://www.ha.com/
Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the world's largest collectibles auctioneers. Besides offering rare and valuable U.S. and world coins and currency, Heritage offers ancient coins, exonumia, antiques, comic books, sports memorabilia, and many other collectibles. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas.

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