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Examples of Italian Bank Notes from the Collection of Stefano Poddi

Examples of Italian Bank Notes from the Collection of Stefano Poddi
Interviewer: David Lisot – Rome, Italy March 2012

Stefano Poddi is a collector and scholar of Italian paper money. He began his collection in 2002 and in 2011 became an Academician of the “Italian Academy of Studies Numismatic”.

He believes that paper money is an indicator of the economic, political, social and artistic story of the country that created it. Each bank note represents a path through which to study and relive the events, feelings and passions of those men and women on the notes and who were involved in issuing them. Paper money collecting is a part of numismatics and can become a real passion, and if lived intensely, like all the other great passions, often becomes a pleasant companion for life.

In this series of interview questions he shares his passion for paper money and show examples from his extensive collection. He talks about paper money collectors around the world, the organizations that help promote the hobby, and what it means to be a collector.

He is interviewed by David Lisot, longtime numismatist and videographer, who shares in Stefano’s love of beautiful bank notes from around the world

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Rome Italy

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  1. I enjoyed reading the interesting interview with Stefano Poddi well known in Italy as one of the most qualified scholars on monetary circulation and Italian banknotes. Guido Crapanzano

  2. Thanks to the interviewer, David Lisot, and to Stefano Poddi for this interesting presentation of Italian most famous bank notes. I am a history student and I found myself very interested in the bank notes iconography, since it could tell so much about the institutional history of the State itself and, as written above, about “economic, political, social and artistic story of the country”.
    Thank you again and let’s encourage (especially among young students) studies and reasearches in these fields.

  3. A beautiful collection and a fantastic interview. Stefano Poddi is surely one of the most expert collector and student of italian notes. He communicates all his passion and knowledge. Gerardo Vendemia


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