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Five Gold Certificates Featured in the Heritage Currency Auction at FUN

Below are five featured Gold Certificates that will be sold in the Heritage Currency Auction in January at the FUN Show.


Superb 1907 $10 Gold Certificate


Fr. 1169 $10 1907 Gold Certificate PMG Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ.
With none finer at either service, this is as Superb a Hillegas Gold Certificate any collector could hope to acquire. Rippling original paper wave is clearly visible through the holder, giving the note a “fresh off the presses” appearance. The margins seem generous, even at this lofty grade level. A true Superb Gem in every sense of the word. Estimate: $20,000 – up.


$20 1905 Technicolor Gold PMG 67 EPQ – Top-Pop


Fr. 1179 $20 1905 Gold Certificate PMG Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ.
Top-Pop at both services combined. The lone 7 at PMG and PCGS has not graded any of these higher than 65. We sold this note once before in April 2012 using the following description: “In 1999, Currency Auctions of America featured the ‘A’ plate position note from this sheet. An inspection of that note out of a third party graded holder revealed a ‘Technicolor Twenty (that) is as spectacular an example of its type as any note we have ever seen. The colors, margins, and paper surfaces are all Superb.’ This plate position ‘C’ note is an exact match from its sheet partner. In the holder, the original paper wave and bold embossing are far from muted, and the colors remain perfectly bright. Our records show this is the lone third party graded Superb Gem Fr. 1179 to ever be offered to the collecting community, with nothing close to it in regards to condition since our offering of Serial Number 74061 in that 1999 CAA sale. Any collector looking for the finest example of each Friedberg number should be prepared for intense competition.” At that sale it was estimated at $120,000 up and realized $130,000. On today’s market we would expect at least a touch more and possibly considerably more before the hammer falls on this treasure.
From The Kiawah Collection Estimate: $150,000 – up.


Fully Gem 1913 $50 Gold Certificate


Fr. 1199 $50 1913 Gold Certificate PCGS Gem New 65PPQ.
PCGS has examined 85 examples of this Friedberg number with three at this level and a single note higher. This note certainly earned the assigned grade with perfect colors, excellent margins, and the depth of punch through embossing that one expects on Black Eagles and 1899 Deuces. Our most recent comparable sale was in January of 2013 when we sold a virtually identical piece graded one point higher by PMG for $42,500. This note, one point shy but every bit as beautiful and likely technically equal to that 66, should do about the same two years later. Estimate: $40,000 – up.


Spectacular Gem New 66PPQ $100 Gold


Fr. 2405 $100 1928 Gold Certificate. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ.
A truly rare note in this state of preservation, with this piece one of only two graded at this level by PCGS, with none higher. PMG has graded two at this level as well, again with none higher. We had the privilege of selling the mate to this note with a consecutive serial number back in 2013, when it realized a hair under $50,000. This piece is literally the identical twin to that note, with both displaying incredible originality, wonderful centering, bright white paper and an extraordinarily vivid gold overprint. In an improved market for rarities, expect an even higher realization for this Gem tonight. Estimate: $50,000 – $70,000.


Bright 1928 $1000 Gold Certificate


Fr. 2408 $1,000 1928 Gold Certificate. PMG About Uncirculated 55.
The overprint and paper are quite bright, and this piece displays great eye appeal. The centering is excellent, and, save for one visible centerfold, the note appears New in every other respect. Estimate: $27,500 – $32,500.





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Heritage Auctions
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