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“Holy Grail” of Mormon Paper Currency-Signed by Brigham Young to be offered in Baltimore

By Bruce Roland Hagen, Senior Research Numismatist,  Stacks Bowers

The highest Mormon Church officials gathered in January 1849 to finalize and circulate the most historic paper currency in their history.

Using Kirtland Safety Society Bank notes that were emitted in Ohio twelve years earlier, the notes were countersigned by the group for use in Salt Lake City and redeemable in gold. Placing their signatures on these notes were N.K. Whitney, Brigham Young, and Heber C, Kimball. Also penned on the notes are the “TB” mark of Thomas Bullock.

The March 23, 2012 Baltimore Paper Money auction session features an exceedingly rare Utah Reissued Kirtland Safety Anti-Banking Society $2 note, signed by Brigham Young in 1849 (lot 5252). Considered by noted author Doug Nyholm as “a Holy Grail” of Mormon paper currency; it is one of perhaps four of five known and the first sold at auction since July 2008. That $2 ”Re-issued” note realized $40,350 as part of the Schingoethe Collection sales. This example graded Fine-15 by PCGS exhibits strong paper and excellent signatures.

Complementing this exceptional Mormon rarity in the auction are four other significant Salt Lake City emitted notes.

A $10 “Re-isssued” Kirtland note signed by Brigham Young is graded PCGS Very Fine 30 EPQ (lot 5253) and is one the finest seen by us since the Ford sales.

Three different types of Deseret Currency Association notes are also featured. The very rare initial typeset series, pen signed by Brigham Young, is represented by a $2 denomination (lot 5254). The next series with engraved signatures features a $1 note boasting lovely paper quality and PCGS graded Very Fine 25 (lot 5255). The final series of Deseret Currency Association was engraved from copper plates with ornate vignettes. The white paper $3 note offered is exceptionally vibrant and bold (lot 5256), one of finest seen by us. This historic quintet will be a memorable offering within an exceptional session featuring 1,025 lots of important American paper currency contained within its own session catalogue.

For further information on the featured Mormon Currency and the March 23, 2012 Paper Money auction session, contact Bruce Roland Hagen at our New York offices or Matthew Quinn in Irvine.

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