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Iran Unveils New Generation of Banknotes

Iran Unveils New Generation of Banknotes

The Central Bank of Iran has unveiled the new generation of 1,000 Toman, 2,000 Toman, and 5,000 Toman banknotes, and the process of issuing and supplying these banknotes will take place over the coming months.

According to Amir Shokri, Head of the Banknote and Coin Production Organization, all banknotes will be distributed in a single format, size, and structure. Plural sizes and formats will be removed.

The main points raised in this interview are as follows:

– In line with the project of redesigning the country’s banknotes and coins, the new generation of three banknotes–including 1,000 Toman, 2,000 Toman, and 5,000 Toman bills–has also been designed and have been recently unveiled.

– Attempts have been made to use religious, cultural, artistic and historical elements of the country in the design of new banknotes. Based on this, the design of Hafez Shirazi’s tomb is used on the back of the 5,000 Toman note, the design of the Tomb of Al-Shaara in Tabriz is used on the back of the 2,000 Toman note, and the design of the tomb of Sheikh al-Rais Bou Ali Sina was used on the back of the 1,000 Toman note.

– The design and supply of new banknotes does not impose additional costs on the country, because the useful life of banknotes in Iran is five years, and the printing and distribution of banknotes has always been done by the Central Bank.

– Aligning with the bill to remove four zeros from the national currency and preparing for it is one of the other benefits of these banknotes.

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