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Italy Issues Second Collector Coin of 2019 Numismatic Program

Italy 2019 150th Anniversary Silver coin

By the Italian Mint ……
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the State General Accounting Office, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a 5 euro commemorative coin struck by the State Printing Office and Mint.

The coin presents an occasion to celebrate and remember an important institution of the government of Italy: the State General Accounting Department. Founded in 1869, the Accounting Office has been a part of not only the economic history but also the social and cultural histories of Italy.

The collector’s silver enamel coin is the second issue of the 2019 Numismatic Collection and was created by the artist-engraver Claudia Momoni. Produced at the Mint in Rome, the NIFC coin has a maximum mintage of 2,500 pieces.

On the obverse, the coin shows a view of the Palazzo delle Finanze in Via Cernaia in Rome, where the Ministry of Economy and Finance is headquartered. This side also includes the colored flags of the European Union and the Italian Republic. Above and below, respectively, are the words “REPUBLIC” and “ITALIAN”.

The reverse side shows two geometric figures on the applications of the golden section (drawings attributed to Leonardo da Vinci), taken from De Divina Proportione by Frà Luca Pacioli (Biblioteca Ambrosiana di Milan).

In the round, the words GENERAL REASONING OF THE STATE ”; above “R”, identifier of the Mint of Rome, and the value “5 EURO”; at the base of the figure on the right, the name of the author “MOMONI”; following the dates “1869” and “2019”, respectively the year of establishment of the Accounting Office and the year of issue.

The coin, already available online at www.shop.ipzs.it, will be on display at the Library of the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Economy in Rome and can be visited upon request. For access, please email [email protected].

Other issues scheduled for release from the State Mint for 2019 include:

  • 20 euro gold coin – Europa Series Program “Il Rinascimento”
  • 10 euro silver coin with gold inserts – Explorers Series: Christopher Columbus
  • 10 euro gold coin – Roman Emperors series “Augustus”
  • 5 euro silver coin – Centenary of the death of Cesare Maccari
  • 10 euro silver coin – Italian Series of Arts “Duomo di Milano” – Lombardy
  • 5 euro silver coin – Italy Series of the Arts “Santa Maria del Fiore” – Florence, Tuscany
  • 5 euro silver coin with colored inserts – Serie Eccellenze Italiane “Vespa” – colored
  • 5 euro bimetallic coin in bronzital and cupronickel with 16-sided polygonal border – Anniversary of the foundation of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage
  • 5 euro coin in bronzital – Centenary of the National Alpine Association
  • 5 euro bimetallic bronzital and cupronickel coin with 16-sided polygonal border – Centenary of the birth of Fausto Coppi
  • 5 euro silver coin with colored inserts – 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • 5 euro silver coin with colored inserts – 50th anniversary of the moon landing


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