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Agora Ancient Coin Auctions helps to resume publication of the Journal of Ancient Numismatics

The Journal of Ancient Numismatics (JAN) is a free online journal dedicated to the study of Ancient Coins and Medieval numismatics and history.

I am very pleased to announce that thanks to the generous sponsorship of Agora Auctions we will begin publishing again!

The Journal now has a new website where you can access all of the old issues and where new issues will be posted: http://coinproject.com/jan

jan_thumbThe Journal will be published electronically every quarter starting some time in March and all members of the Agora Auctions mailing list will be notified.

We are always looking for good article submissions. If you have an article you would like to submit please contact us.

As many of you know, JAN started out as a newsletter of my ancient coin numismatic business. If you are receiving this announcement it is because at one point you were either a customer of mine or you had signed up for my mailing list via my blog or the JAN website.

I have been blessed with the support of many friends and colleagues. Thanks to you projects such as Coin Project, the Journal of Ancient Numismatics and Agora Auctions have been possible.

Finally, I also wanted to take a moment and introduce you to one of those colleagues that was very supportive in the new venture my partners and I entered into at Agora. This person is Frank Robinson. One of the first auctions I ever bid on was Frank’s. Frank recently sent out an announcement and I wanted to share it with all of you that may not know him:

“Auction 90 closes on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 11 PM Eastern time — 458 lots of good ancient & early coins, generally unreserved.

agora_logoHere’s the link:  http://fsrcoin.com/a.html

Some people say they don’t know how much to bid, since there are no minimums. Well, there aren’t, so you can bid whatever you’re comfortable with. But you can also ask [Frank] me, and I’ll tell you what I think is reasonable/sensible.”

Thank you,

Alfredo De La Fé

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