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Look Out! More Fake “Certified” Morgan Dollars Appear in Facebook Ads

Look Out! More Fake

By CoinWeek ….
On January 16, CoinWeek published an article by Jack Young where he talked about a particularly egregious wave of counterfeit Morgan dollars in fake PCGS holders. The fraud was so brazen that the counterfeiters didn’t even bother to use different certification numbers on the dozens of fake 1881-CC Morgans that Young was able to find online.

Ten days later, we received an email from a CoinWeek reader who had recently bought five PCGS-certified Morgan dollars for $25 each that had been offered in a Facebook ad. After they received the coins, they read Jack’s article and realized that the Morgan dollars they had just purchased matched up perfectly with the counterfeits Jack was talking about. The victim then checked to see if the seller they bought from was still on Facebook; they weren’t, but it’s probably safe to assume that they have just popped back online under a different seller ID.


CoinWeek strongly advises readers to be alert to this aggressive online marketing of counterfeit coins in counterfeit holders, especially on social media.

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