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Love Token Society Reveals New Website

The Love Token Society has just added a new website: www.lovetokensociety.com.  The former site, www.lovetokensociety.org, will time out at the end of its contract.  The new and improved site features past articles from the Love Letter newsletter, a history section, love token jewelry, and the report a love token form and image sections.

Of special interest is the jewelry section which showcases antique photographs of people wearing love token jewelry right alongside the actual love token jewelry.  These photographs are scarcer than the jewelry they represent.

The report a love token section is a venue for people to share their love tokens with fellow collectors.  It is a modified way for one to exhibit a collection and will also serve as a data bank for known love tokens.  The form can be accessed by both Love Token Society members and the general public.  Submitted love token images that are unusual and interesting will be selected and added to the reported images page.  Love tokens are one of a kind, so sharing images is of great importance for people to see what is out there.

The site has been launched, but will continue to be in development as new images and articles come in.  Look for many additions over the next year at www.lovetokensociety.com.


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