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Mint of Poland Wins Three Times at Coin Constellation 2020 Competition

Mint of Poland Wins Three Times at Coin Constellation 2020 Competition

By Mint of Poland ……
At the recent Coin Constellation 2020 competition based in Russia but with online voting through December 15, the Mint of Poland was awarded in three competition categories: “Original technology”, “Unique concept” and “Classic coin”. The awards during the competition organized by the Water Mark publishing house are even more pleasing because in 2020 as many as 26 central banks, mints, and coin distributors competed for places on the podium.

The first place in the “Unique technology” category is a significant distinction for the Mint of Poland and confirmation of the company’s high position on the international monetary market. The highest place on the podium for the 3D coin “Ave Caesar!” confirms the technological advancement which translates into the uniqueness of the coins we offer. It is thanks to the highest craftsmanship in the field of mining and the implementation of bold ideas, collectors can enjoy such gems as the coin in the shape of the Colosseum “Ave Caesar!”

Creation of the World” has been recognized in the “Unique concept” category for a reason. The coin has the unique shape of two intersecting circles. By rotating it along one of the axes, we can admire the artistic interpretation of individual days of the biblical creation of the world. The sculpture transferred to the relief of the coin was made with great reverence, thanks to which a unique visual effect was obtained.

The coins of the Mint of Poland are not only innovations that break stereotypes in the field of numismatics. The simplicity, which is most fully visible in the classics, also proves the craftsmanship. The coin “Szóstak Jan III Sobieski” from the series “History of the Polish coin” was minted at the request of the National Bank of Poland. The distinction of this silver collector’s coin in the “Classic coin” category confirms that elegance combined with simplicity is always up to date.

“In the production of coins, we pay attention to every detail. Our bold ideas, developed with the use of the latest technology, are appreciated not only by Polish and foreign issuers but also by specialists in the field of numismatics. Winning awards in the next edition of “Coin Constellation”, in as many as three competition categories, is a confirmation of the quality and uniqueness of our products. We are glad that our hard work is appreciated on the international numismatic scene,” said Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Production and Operations Director of the Mint of Poland.

The images of the coins and their detailed descriptions were assessed by members of an international jury composed of, among others, experts from museums, joint-stock houses, numismatic associations, and authors of specialist publications on coins. The task of the experts was to award prizes in nine categories: “Unique concept”, “The best artistic solutions”, “Original technology”, “Best circulation coin”, “Classic coin”, “Commemorative coin”, “Silver Coin of the Year”, “Golden Coin” Of the Year “and” Coin of the Year”.

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