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Coin Profiles – Monnaie de Paris 2016 Rooster


The rooster is a French symbol, appearing on the coins of the 19th century.

One of the most significant is one of the versions of the 20-francs Napoleon. Created in 1803 by Napoleon Bonaparte, it has carried several effigies including the one with the rooster. The Napoléon Gold coin (Louis d’or) remained in use until World War I.

french_20frThe Marianne Rooster coin was put into circulation for the first time in 1898. It was designed by Jules-Clément Chaplain (1839-1909) and shows on the reverse a rooster standing up on the ground line carrying herbs and flowers.

Chaplain’s Rooster is also a symbol of national fighting spirit: its icon has been used during World War I on national communication as a brave animal (referring to the need for gold in continuing the fight). This new Rooster is looking forward to the future as his head turns right.

On the obverse, the rooster’s bust with its cockscomb and feathers is represented in a contemporary style with a rich textural surface. Its posture can be guessed, proud and confident. It carries the French motto « Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ». In the background, the French flag is depicted in heraldic colors like on the 10,
20 and 50 euro cents coins: horizontal stripes for blue, no stripes for white and vertical stripes for red.

The reverse shows the face value surrounded by two branches (oak and laurel) that evoke the euro symbol. The entire reverse motive is framed in a hexagonal design representing the shape of France.

Product availability: 11th of January 2016

10€ Silver Proof
Mintage : 10 000 Diameter : 31 mm
Weight: 17 g Fineness: Ag 333
Recommended Price: 32 €

10€ Silver
Mintage : 250 000 Diameter: 31mm
Weight: 17 g Fineness: Ag 333
Recommended Price: 10 €

100€ Silver
Mintage : 15 000 Diameter: 47 mm
Weight: 50 g Fineness: Ag 900
Recommended Price: 100 €

french_rooster_gold250€ Gold
Mintage : 20 000 Diameter: 23 mm
Weight: 4.5 g Fineness: Au 999
Recommended Price: 250 €

1 000€ Gold
Mintage : 10 000 Diameter: 39 mm
Weight: 20 g Fineness: Au 999
Recommended Price: 1 000 €

5 000€ Gold
Mintage : 2 000 Diameter: 45 mm
Weight: 100g Fineness: Au 999
Recommended Price: 5 000 €

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