Numismatic Crime – Precious Metal Coins Stolen in Burglary

By Doug DavisFounder & President, Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) ……

Suspect Attempting to Sell Coins from Baltimore Theft

NCIC just received information that a Hispanic male attempted to sell two coins stolen at the Whitman Baltimore Show. The suspect spoke broken English. The suspect attempted to sell the following coins in the New York City area. No further information is available at this time:

  • 1898 China Fengiten PCGS AU55 38869382
  • 1927 China Momento Dollar PCGS MS65

Dealers should be on the lookout for the suspect or suspects.

Precious Metals Dealer Burglary

The police department in Phoenix, Arizona is investigating an early morning burglary of a local precious metals dealer, which occurred, on November 11, 2021. The suspects wearing masks and hoodies gained entry through the front door and removed the following list of bullion.

Stolen Bullion:

  • 1,240 Type 2 Silver Eagles (2 full strapped monster boxes and one open with 240 pieces)
  • 940 Silver Buffalo 1 oz Rounds (1 sealed cardboard box, like the picture attached) and one open with 440 pieces)
  • 500 Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz (sealed box)
  • 750 Silver Kangaroos 1 oz (sealed boxes of 250)
  • $1,500 Face of 90% Silver $500 face in halves, $500 face in quarters, and $500 face in dimes.

USPS – Coin Stolen in Transit, California to North Carolina

A package being shipped registered mail with four coins inside from San Diego, California to North Carolina was received with one coin missing. The package had been slit open and re-taped.

Stolen Coin:

  • Great Britain 1652 Commonwealth Unite – PCGS AU55 PCGS cert # 144322.55/05250592

USPS – Coin Missing/Stolen, Rhode Island to Utah

A USPS package being shipped from Rhode Island to Salt Lake City, Utah has been reported missing.

Stolen/Lost Coin:

  • 1856 Gold $3 – PCGS AU55 CAC #32898897

FedEx – Missing Coins Recovered

A FedEx package being shipped from CA had been reported lost/stolen. The package was last scanned in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The package contained the following coins:

  • 1914 $20 St. Gaudens $20 – Type 3 With Motto NGC CAC MS65 Serial: 6098120002
  • 1924 $20 St. Gaudens $20 – Type 3 With Motto NGC MS67 Serial: 4523086015
  • 1944-D/S 1C, RD Lincoln Cent (Wheat Reverse) PCGS CAC MS66+ Serial: 04021790
  • 1949-D 50C, FL Franklin Half Dollar – Franklin Half Dollar PCGS CAC MS66FBL Serial: 42204554
  • 1881 25C, CA Liberty Seated Quarter – Type 5 With Motto PCGS PR67CAM Serial: 35640345
  • 1884-S $1, PL Morgan Dollar – Morgan Dollar NGC MS61PL Serial: 1853483001
  • 1895-O $1, DM Morgan Dollar – Morgan Dollar NGC AU58PL Serial: 6060899009
  • 1908 5C Liberty Nickel – Type 2 With PCGS PR67+ Serial: 44275365
  • 1950 50C, CA Franklin Half Dollar PCGS PR66CAM Serial: 44275369
  • 1919 5C Buffalo Nickel – Type 2 PCGS MS66 Serial: 44275367
  • 1897-O $1 Morgan Dollar – Morgan Dollar PCGS MS62 Serial: 37980519
  • 1959 50C Franklin Half Dollar – Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF68STAR Serial: 4914586-012
  • 1950-S 10C Roosevelt Dime – Type 1 Silver PCGS MS68 Serial: 43488793
  • 1863 50C Liberty Seated Half Dollar – Type 2 No Motto PCGS MS65 Serial: 2249751
  • 1868-S $5 Liberty Head $5 – Type 2 With Motto NGC AU55 Serial: 6056280004
  • 1876 20C, CA Twenty Cent – Twenty Cent RAW
  • 1860 50C, CA Liberty Seated Half Dollar – Type 2 No Motto RAW
  • 1859 50C, CA Liberty Seated Half Dollar – Type 2 No Motto RAW
  • 1896 $1 Morgan Dollar – Morgan Dollar RAW

Thought to have possibly been stolen, the package has been located with heavy damage but contents intact.

* * *

Please contact the Numismatic Crime Information Center’s Doug Davis if you have questions or information about any of the cases above. You can reach him at (817) 723-7231, or email him at [email protected].

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