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Oliver Lawrence Lisot, 1927-2013

by CoinWeek President David Lisot…..

Oliver Lawrence Lisot-DECEASED
December 8, 1927 to December 27, 2013
AKA Oliver, Levo, Nani, Larry, Nono, and “The Grizz”.

Oliver Lawrence Lisot was 86 years when he passed away on December 27, 2013 after a long decline in his health. He suffered from degenerative discs in his spine. He was born of Italian heritage on December 8, 1927 in Denver, Colorado. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Dorothy Sue Lisot, his three children Becky Sue Lisot, David Lawrence Lisot, and Danna Robert Lisot as well as his grandchildren Maxine Dorothea Lisot, Alexander Lawrence Lisot, Michael Lisot, and Monica Sue Lisot.

His life started with challenges that led to him being adopted by Oliver Lawrence and Magdalene Lisot who raised him in Aguilar, Colorado. His grandfather “Nono” Lisot helped raise him and became one of his heroes and role models in life. Oliver graduated from high school and enlisted in the Merchant Marines. He later transferred into the paratroopers. He finished his military career in the Army Reserves retiring as a Captain from the Chemical Corps.

lisot1He attended the University of Colorado where he attained his Bachelors degree. He later returned to the University of Colorado where he received his Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. While at the university he met his future wife Dorothy Sue Gunstream. They were married in 1949 and started a family that included three children, Becky Sue Lisot, born in Boulder, Colorado in 1950, David Lawrence Lisot, born in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1953, and Danna Robert Lisot, born in Aruba, Nederland Antilles in 1956.

Oliver worked different businesses that included American Cyanamid, Engelhard Industries, Shattuck Chemicals, Morrison Knudsen and other work situations. During his life he lived in Boulder, Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri, Milton, Florida, Houston, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Boise, Idaho, Dallas, Texas, and even Sierra Leone, Africa.

Oliver was a passionate collector of paper money items including bank notes, stock certificates, cigar labels and other historical items. His favorite areas were paper money of Mexico and Africa and anything with a bear on it. He was well known by many of the dealers in the numismatic hobby and ran a mail order business called Antique Carta and Collectorama for many years. He also assembled a large collection of miniature cars. Later in his life he sold all his holdings and focused on his family.

lisot2He experienced many wonderful times in his life, as well as, a fair share of disappointments. He had the classic relationship with wife and family. He climbed the corporate ladder while his beloved wife ironed the shirts and raised three children in the wild and consciousness changing 1960’s and 70’s. He had many hobbies including electronics, hunting and fishing, and photography and even raised several horses and cows.

In his retirement spending time with his grandchildren was his happiness. He became the same loving “Nono” that his Grandfather was to him. He faced a lot of pain as he aged due to the degenerative disc problems in his spine. Even under constant pain he always greeted family and friends with his classic Italian hug and kiss. He was deeply loved and will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know him.

He was laid to rest at St. Joseph Catholic Church on February 14, 2014. In lieu of flowers or gifts the family wishes you to watch a sunset or spend some time in contemplation thinking about your life and your families and remember and think well of Oliver Lawrence Nono Papa Grizz Lisot.

God Bless.
David Lisot, son.

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  1. It sounds like Oliver Lawrence Lisot lived a very productive, intellectually satisfying, and emotionally fulfilling life. CoinWeek readers may be inspired by the fact that, in addition to being a wonderful parent and grandparent, he found the time for many hobbies including collecting paper money and stock certificates. It is curious that he was an engineer and a collector who “ even raised several horses and cows.” Moreover, I am intrigued by all the places that he worked and lived. I am disappointed that I never had the opportunity to meet him.

  2. David, I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Take comfort in knowing his legacy lives on in your family and all the lives he touched.

  3. Hello David,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of your Dad. Hope you and the family are doing well.

  4. David,

    The loss of a Father is something that is very sad, but you have all the good memories to carry forward. My Father died 15 years ago, but when something great happens, I still think I can’t wait to tell him. It is a bad time, but you will remember all the good times and the hurt will go away slowly.

    Richard Lobel


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