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1921 Saint. Image: Stack's Bowers.

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1874 Three-Cent Nickel. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.

Three-Cent Nickel, 1865-1889 | CoinWeek

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   The Three-Cent Nickel was an unusual coin denomination with an unusual history. It was first proposed in 1851 as a medium...
2019 Native American Dollar. Image: U.S. Mint / CoinWeek.

2019-P Native American Dollar – Mary Golda Ross : A Collector’s Guide

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes ..... Each year since 2009, the United States Mint has unveiled a new reverse design for...
1860 Liberty Seated Dime. Image: Stack's Bowers / Adobe Stock.

Liberty Seated Dime, Obverse Legend (1860-1891) : A Collector’s Guide

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   Thirteen stars were added to the obverse of the Liberty Seated Dime in 1838 to satisfy the interests of those who...
1813 Classic Head Cent. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.

Classic Head Cent, 1808-1814 | CoinWeek

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   Irish immigrant Robert Patterson was a schoolmaster, a shopkeeper, and a mathematician, the teacher of...
Jack Young's Top 5 Rare Coin Fakes, Part I.

From the Dark Corner: Top Five Counterfeits I Have Seen, Part I

By Jack D. Young, Early American Coppers (EAC), and the Dark Side Group ......   After the submission of my 50th exclusive CoinWeek article on counterfeits,...

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Roman Household Gods on Coins

By Dr. Steve Benner for CoinWeek .....   Most people who are even remotely familiar with the Roman Empire can name some of the gods that...

Collecting Strategies

Modern Quarters Worth Money

By CoinWeek .... Have you ever looked through your change, wondering if any of the coins you have might be valuable? Some of them are....

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Ten Powerful and Beautiful Women on Coins

By Tyler Rossi for CoinWeek .....   Janina Żółtowska The first woman on this list, depicted on the Polish 2, 5, and 10 Zlote coins between 1932...


Costco Gold Bars Earn Almost 25% Return for Early Buyers

By Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ....   Since the summer of 2023, Costco has offered its members 24-carat, .9999 fine PAMP Suisse 1oz gold bars, both...

Numismatic Terms

Kernel – Inner Disc of a Bimetallic Coin

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   (n.) In numismatic terms, the kernel is the central or inner disc of a bimetallic coin....

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