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Popular Paper Money at Maastricht 2012

Dimitri Aerts, Belgium, Corne Akkermans, Netherlands, John Eccles, New Zealand, Jos F.M.Eijsermans, Netherlands, Pieter Liem, Indonesia, Richard Lobel, Great Britain, Wakim Wakim, United Arab Emirates, Bernhard Winter, Germany, Stane Straus, Slovenia, Hans Worbes, Germany.

Interviewer: David Lisot,

Virtually every country in the world currently issues some form of paper money. Many of these countries have produced notes for many years. Which notes of which countries are most sought after by collectors? Hear the responses from some of the bank note dealers at the Valkenburg Maastricht Paper Money Fair.

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Maastricht Paper Money Fair
October 2012
Valkenburg Netherlands

David Lisot, host and producer of CoinWeek video news service, during a recent trip to Europe attended the Maastricht Paper Money Fair held in Valkenburg Netherlands.

Collecting paper money is a worldwide phenomenon that is popular in most parts of the globe. The Paper Money Fair in Valkenburg has been taking place for 25 years and attracts bank note and paper dealers from all over Europe and the world.

David interviewed many of the participants at the show finding out what collectors have in common with their counterparts in the United States. He addressed the economic situation in Europe and whether the hobby has been affected by the downturn in the workplace and the debt crisis affecting so many countries. He also shows examples of the some of the more popular bank notes collectors are buying.

CoinWeek continues to produce more reports from Europe and around the world to keep viewers informed about trends affecting coins, paper money and the numismatic hobby.

Coinweek is the top independent online media source for rare coin and currency news, with analysis and information contributed by leading experts across the numismatic spectrum.

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