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Pricing for 2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin Announced


By Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ….

In a notice dated July 13, the United States Mint has established pricing for the upcoming 2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin. The coin itself is scheduled for release at noon Eastern Standard Time on July 30.

Pricing for the high relief coin may change weekly according to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) London Gold Price weekly average gold price. U.S. Mint pricing is adjusted on Wednesdays should such be necessary.

In general, the Mint charges an additional $390 to $440 USD over spot price, as seen in the following pricing table*:

2015 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin pricing table

*Prices per 1 Troy Oz.

Besides being made in high relief, the 2015 American Liberty coin consists of one troy ounce of 99.99% pure gold. It has reeded edges and bears the West Point mint mark. The coin has a diameter of 1.205 inches (30.61 mm).

The 2015 American Liberty High Relief gold coin’s release comes at the end of an exceptional month for new products from the U.S. Mint. The Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse 1/2 oz. gold Proof and uncirculated coins and the Harry S. Truman Coin & Chronicles Set rapidly sold out upon initial release and the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Blue Ridge Parkway 5 oz. silver bullion coin sold out on July 22 (sales of the Blue Ridge Parkway silver bullion coin are set to resume Monday, July 13; CoinWeek will keep you posted).

This release also marks the return of Miss Liberty to American coinage. A range of ethnically-diverse design candidates were considered by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) in January of this year.

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