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Professional Coin Grading Service Honors Company’s Top Writers

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) Honors Company’s Top Writers

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has launched a new writing award program to honor its top in-house writing staff, the very experts who help deliver the latest information from the grading desks and across the numismatic scene.

The first individuals to be recognized as part of the inaugural initiative are PCGS World Coin Expert Jay Turner and PCGS Price Guide Editor Jaime Hernandez. Turner won the PCGS Numismatic Writer of the Year Award while Hernandez earns runner-up nods as PCGS Outstanding Writer.

“We wanted to recognize the incredible efforts our writing team flexes each and every day in providing top-quality, well-researched educational and informational content to the numismatic world,” remarks PCGS President Brett Charville. “Jay and Jaime are among a team of talented writers who each tirelessly share their numismatic knowledge and passion for their areas of the hobby with all dealers and hobbyists.”

“I can think of no better way to celebrate our writing team than to recognize two of our most prolific writers with these prestigious honors,” says PCGS Rare Coin Market Report Editor-in-Chief Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez. “While much of the work Jay and Jaime – as well as our other phenomenal writers – produce is showcased in the PCGS Rare Coin Market Report and on the PCGS Blog, there’s a ton of work they proudly contribute that often goes un-bylined in PCGS CoinFacts and throughout many other PCGS resources.”

“When I joined the grading team in 2017, my goal wasn’t simply to be a grader, but to also contribute to PCGS and the numismatic hobby at large,” comments Turner, who has been a coin collector since the age of 13 and joined PCGS in 2017. “In 2019, we sat in a meeting talking about what we as a company could do with the resources and knowledge at our disposal. Since then, PCGS has done many things toward this goal, including building a daily blog, social media promotions, and much more… It’s truly a team effort, and with the enthusiasm of the people at PCGS, the best is yet to come.”

Two of Turner’s favorite articles include “Hello Kitty and Her Coinage” and “The Guatemala 8 Reales Hoard Reassembled”.

There is also an article he wrote about the discovery of a rare 1776 Continental Dollar in a French junk box that was originally published in the January-February issue of Rare Coin Market Report; the story later went viral on a variety of news media sites, including FOX News and Great Britain’s Daily Mail.

Adds Turner:

“When I get the opportunity to share a wonderful coin or a piece I graded and has a great story, it’s a true thrill. It is pieces like (the 1776 Continental Dollar) that hopefully help expand numismatics and grow the hobby.”

* * *

Check out some of Turner’s most interesting articles posted on CoinWeek:


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