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Ring in the New Year With the Stack’s Bowers Galleries 2019 NYINC Auction

Stack's Bowers NYINC 2019

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to present details of their auction of world coins, world paper money and ancient coins to be held in conjunction with the prestigious New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC). This event will be held January 10-12 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

The ancient and world coin sale will be split between two days, with Session B commencing on Friday evening January 11, at 6:30 PM ET. Session C will be held Saturday, January 12 at 6:30 PM ET. Session A, featuring world paper money, is scheduled to begin Friday, January 11 at 2:00 PM ET.

World Paper Money

Leading off the sale is Session A, featuring world paper money. Stack’s Bowers Galleries continues their tradition of featuring scarce Canadian bank notes, in this sale highlighted by a rare PMG VG-10 1870 Two Dollar note (lot 30089) and a PMG Gem 66EPQ 1898 1 Dollar note, DC-13a (lot 30091). The Canadian section also offers items from the Collection of Dr. James Eustace Bizzell, II, including some rare 1935 pieces, and the 1907 Imperial Bank $50 Specimen (lot 30101).

Among Brazilian banknotes is found an extraordinary number of high-grade proofs, as well as pieces that the firm has never before offered at auction.

While the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Hong Kong Showcase Auctions are a more typical venue for Asian material, the 2019 NYINC sale offers an exceptional quantity of rare and high-grade Asian banknotes that are likely missing from even the most advanced collections. Highlighting this group is a 1916 Straits Settlements 100 Dollar note immediately followed by the 1925 date (lots 30354 and 30355).

World Coins

Session B offers world coins from countries ranging from Afghanistan to Great Britain.

The first major highlights are from Austria, beginning with lot 40015, a Salzburg 5 Ducat issue of Archbishop Leonhard. This is an exceptional piece, thought to be unique. Two lots later (lot 40017), a 16th century 4 Ducat with superb style showcases impressive Renaissance coin portraiture.

An exquisite Near-Gem Brazilian 1727-M 20,000 Reis struck under Joao V (lot 40043) is tied with one other example for finest certified.

10 TaelAmong coins of China, a pair of impressive 10 Tael Gold ingots (lots 40075 and 40076) are identical to pieces recovered from the Geldermalsen.

A robust French coinage section features over 60 lots with pieces for nearly all collector types: Medieval, hammered, milled, Napoleonic, Essais, Medals and 20th-century coinage. The Duchy of Aquitaine offers two highlight gold pieces in lots 40154 and 40155. The first is a wonderful and excessively rare Cavalier d’Or of Duke Charles, son of King Charles VII of France. Immediately following the Cavalier d’Or is a Hardi d’Or, also issued by Duke Charles. Lot 40205, a highlight from four centuries later, offers a lovely 5 Franc with a mintage of just 40 pieces, issued in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

Germany also offers just over 60 lots with more than a dozen marquee lots. One of the first portrait coins of Bavaria is found in lot 40220, an extremely rare Ducat of Albrecht V. A 5 Ducat commemorating Matthias as Holy Roman Emperor and one of only two known (lot 40234), displays an incredible likeness of the armored monarch charging on a warhorse with a city view in the background. Lot 40237 presents an exceedingly rare Helfenstein Goldgulden with the coat of arms featuring elephants (see the detailed lot description for further analysis), that is the only example known in private hands.

At first glance, lot 40242 appears out of place in the German section, as it more closely resembles a contemporary French Chaise d’Or. This Ecu d’Or of Wilhelm III is a legendary gold rarity and potentially one of only two examples in private hands. A marvelous Nurnberg city-view 8 Ducat in lot 40245 was once owned by Nurnberg specialist Herbert J. Erlanger. An extremely rare Mannheim Mint Ducat (a one-year type struck in 1769) in fantastic condition is found in lot 40247. Regensburg provides lot 40251, a 4 Ducat in Mint State preservation, while lot 40267 features a unique 3 Ducat of Silesia-Munsterberg-Oels commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of Karl I. Yet another magnificent city-view gold issue, this one from Wurzburg, appears as lot 40275, a 2 Ducat displaying a regal crowned lion hoisting aloft a sword and scales.

Session B is capped by a substantial offering of British coinage, including coins and medals spanning 12 centuries.

Lot 40293 is a beautiful Mint State Ryal of Edward IV, while lot 40315 is a wonderful Broad of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. The following lot (40316) presents a charming 5 Guineas of William and Mary.

Two impressive and desirable Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee proof sets are offered and are sure to draw considerable attention. Lot 40361 is the standard 11-piece set with an additional 1887 Maundy Set and lot 40362 is the 11-piece set once owned by John Jay Pittman. Lot 40369 offers a four-piece gold proof set of George V commemorating his coronation.

Ancient Coins & More

Bidding resumes on Saturday evening at 6:30 PM ET with Session C, which begins with ancient coins and covers the remainder of the world coin lots starting with Greece.

Lydia CroesusLot 41003 offers an incredible Himera Tetradrachm in an incredible level of preservation, especially considering that it escaped the city just before the Carthaginians razed it to the ground. The marquee piece for the ancient coin section, featured on the catalog cover, is a wonderfully preserved ‘Heavy Standard’ AV Stater of Kroisos, considered the world’s first major gold coinage (lot 40120).

An Aureus of Julius Caesar (lot 41046), struck near the height of his power, offers terrific strike details and seems likely to end up in a sophisticated cabinet. The next ancient highlight comes nearly two centuries later, from Emperor Antoninus Pius, a beneficiary of Caesar’s warping of the Roman Republic. Lot 41056 is a gold Aureus in tremendous Mint State condition. Lot 41058 offers a gorgeous Aureus of Lucius Verus commemorating the Roman victories in Armenia.

The second portion of world coins begins with Greece, the source for a magnificent 100 Drachmai of George I (lot 41075). This coin is a fantastic one-year type with a minuscule mintage of just 76 pieces, making it one of the most sought after modern Greek coins.

Moving on to India, a British-produced Proof Mohur Restrike (lot 41105) provides a stunning gold issue for collectors of Commonwealth issues.

A massive and immensely important Genoese rarity, a 5 Doppie from the Biennial Doge era is found in lot 41130. An intriguing Venetian Revolutionary Coinage, Banknote and Medal set in lot 41155 offers a detailed and cohesive group.

Coinage of Mexico features a great run of over 60 lots. The first highlight, a rare Guadalajara 8 Escudos from the War of Independence (lot 41186), is a desirable example from the last year of Spanish Colonial rule in Mexico. Guadalajara also provides the single-finest “Hand on Book” 8 Escudo from that mint in lot 41197. Lot 41204 features the finest certified Mexico City Hookneck 8 Reales, certified MS-64 by PCGS and offering impressive strike details and delicate tone. Beyond these highlights there is a great run of Republican gold coinage that is sure to attract attention.

The short-lived Republic of South Peru provides a spectacular Mint State ‘Sunface’ 8 Escudos as lot 41278. This rare piece features an iconic design appealing to a multitude of collectors.

Two dozen lots from the Philippines offer a wide swath of interesting patterns, countermarks and other esoteric material sure to excite specialists. The standout is lot 41302, an 1894 copper Centavo Pattern that traces its pedigree to the Ray Czahor Collection and the Greg Pineda Collection.

Poland and the port city of Danzig bring an elusive Taler of John III Sobieski as lot 41319, one of only two examples certified by PCGS or NGC.

The coinage of Portugal offers a historic ‘First gold coin of Portugal’ (lot 41321), which is certain to entice world gold type collectors, while a wonderful 4 Cruzados from the era of ‘Spanish Union’ in lot 41322 is a spectacular rarity of Philip III (IV of Spain). A wholesome 8 Escudos (Dobra) of Joao V dated 1725 is just the second offering of this better date in recent years, making lot 41324 an exciting prospect for dedicated collectors.

A trio of ‘Baby Ivan’ Rubles in the Russian section are sure to elicit serious competition due to the incredible demand for this type. A very rare 1840 Novodel 3 Kopek without mintmark (lot 41343) displays lovely violet and reddish hues. Six lots (41359 – 41364) of fabulous Russian Orders and Decorations, all of which are from the Colonel Oleg Pantuhoff Collection, are sure to excite specialists.

A rare and wonderfully toned Sierra Leone proof silver dollar from a mintage of 40 pieces (lot 41373), is certain to see bids from all directions.

Highlights among the coins of Switzerland begin with lot 41397, a rarely seen Double Goldgulden of Basel notable as it is overstruck on an unpublished variety. A Duplone from the same canton is found in lot 41398; this one-year type has earned a ‘Proof-like’ designator for its exceptional surfaces. A magnificent and hefty 8 Ducat issue of Bern in lot 41399 is the only certified example at either NGC or PCGS. Lot 41401 features another tremendous multiple ducat issue, in this instance a 20 Ducat from Lucerne. This massive piece offers a beautiful city view on the reverse and is one of the most important highlights of the entire sale.

Swiss highlights continue with lot 41402, a Neuchatel Pistole dated 1694 that is the only example in private hands (the other known example resides in the Neuchatel Museum). The history is fascinating, and can be found in the printed catalog or the online description. The Canton of Schwyz is the source for an extremely rare 16th-century Scudo d’Oro (Goldkronen) found in lot 41403. This is possibly the only example offered in the past 20 years, potentially a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Wrapping up this extraordinary selection of Swiss highlights is lot 41404, a very rare Zurich 4 Ducat that is notable as the plate coin for the incomparable Gold Coins of the World by Arthur and Ira Friedberg. A ‘Centenary of the Death of Simon Bolivar’ Gold medal of Venezuela in lot 41416 wraps up the list of Live session highlights.

Internet Only

Several Internet Only Auction Sessions are packed with desirable coin and paper money lots.

Session E will offer 228 lots of ancient coins, as well as 750 world coin lots (from Afghanistan to Gold Coast) and will begin promptly at 9:00 AM PT on Monday, January 14. The world paper money Internet Only Session D will also be held at that same date and time. The second half of the world coins – Session F – featuring over 1,000 lots of coins from Great Britain to Zanzibar, will be held on Tuesday, January 15 and begin at 9:00 AM PT.

Lot viewing will be available at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Santa Ana, California office before the sale, as well as in New York. Check StacksBowers.com for specific dates and times.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offers professional handling of your collection, with a proven track record of accomplished sales. Currently, consignments are being accepted for the February 2019 Collector’s Choice Online auction, the March 2019 Hong Kong Auction and the August 2019 ANA Auction. Contact a consignment specialist at 949-253-0916 or via email at [email protected]. Or, stop by and visit the Stack’s Bowers Galleries table on the bourse floor at the New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, from Thursday, January 10 to Sunday, January 13, 2019.

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