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Royal Canadian Mint’s New Collector Coins Reflect Innovation, National Pride


125th anniversary of the invention of Basketball and celebrating Canada 150 through the eyes of Canadian Geographic magazine photographers among notable coin themes

In introducing its latest collection of numismatic products, the Royal Canadian Mint is proudly launching its first-ever coin with a convex reverse and getting a head start on celebrating of Canada’s 150th anniversary with a cross-country series of coloured silver coins featuring the work of 13 Canadian photographers. These and many other finely crafted products are currently available for purchase.

A convex reverse has given Canadian artist Glen Green a perfect canvas to recreate the contour and texture of a basketball in realistic colour on a coin celebrating the 125th anniversary of the invention of basketball by Canadian-born educator and sports coach Dr. James Naismith. This unique fine silver coin is a memorable tribute to a Canadian sporting innovation that turned into one of the world’s most popular team games.

The Mint has also teamed up with Canadian Geographic magazine to capture, in exquisite colour and detail, 13 of the magazine’s distinctly Canadian nature and landscape photographs. Dated 1867-2017, the $10 Fine Silver “Celebrating Canada’s 150th” coin series starts with Ontario photographer Jim Cumming’s breathtaking image of a Common Loon. The remaining 12 coins will be released monthly, in the order that each province and territory joined Confederation.

2016basketballcaOther coins available as of July include:

  • The 2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – First World War Battlefront Series: The Somme Offensive, designed by artist Glen Loates;
  • The 2016 $25 Fine Silver Coin – Sculptural Art of Parliament: Horned Green Man, depicted in ultra-high relief by Dominion sculptor Phil White;
  • The 2017 $200 Pure Gold Coin – 150 Years of Passion: The Maple Leaf, featuring the maple leaf wreath of Canada’s original coinage;
  • The 2016 Fine Silver Big Coin Series – 50-Cent Coin, featuring engraver Thomas Shingles’ 1959 adaptation of the Canadian Coat of Arms;
  • The 2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – The Baronial Bald Eagle, from the ongoing Majestic Animal series, featuring a coloured illustration by Glen Loates;
  • The 2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Landscape Illusion: Salmon, designed by Julius T. Csotonyi;
  • The 2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Geometry in Art: The Maple Leaf, the final coin in a series designed by artist Calder Moore;
  • The 2016 $10 Fine Silver Coin – Star TrekTM: Scotty;
  • The 2016 $20 Fine Silver Coin – DC ComicsTM Originals: THE MAN OF STEELTM; and
  • The crystal-enhanced 2016 $5 Fine Silver Coin Birthstone Series – August

Mintages, pricing and full background information on each coin can be found on the “Shop” tab of www.mint.ca. The products can be ordered directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at www.mint.ca.

The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint’s boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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The Royal Canadian Mint, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is the Crown Corporation responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada's circulation coins. In operation since 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, offering a wide range of specialized, high quality coinage products and related services on an international scale.

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