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Sedwick Treasure, World, U.S. Coin & Paper Money Auction 32 From Now Online

Sedwick Treasure, World, U.S. Coin & Paper Money Auction 32 From Now Online

By Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC ……

Auction 32 is Now Online! – Click Here


Our Auction 32 is now online and bidding is open to everybody, so please register now! For this Floor Auction, we have secured the SpringHill Suites by Marriott Winter Park Hotel in Winter Park, Florida for November 3-4, 2022 (with lot viewing and guest speakers on Wednesday, November 2). Please let us know now if you plan to attend so that we can make a preliminary headcount and expand the room-block reservation if necessary. Click here to Book our special group rate for Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC Auction 32.

This catalog contains some great worldwide numismatic rarities – a perfect appeal to this robust and enthusiastic market.

Session I

With Session I, we have a variety of Gold Cobs – both from Spain as well as the New World.

Spain sees the finest and only graded 1690 (M) Seville-minted gold cob 8 escudos in NGC MS 64 (lot 22). The New World selection holds some high-grade and rarer 1715 Fleet gold including a discovery piece Bogotá 1712/1 gold cob 2 escudos graded NGC MS 66 (lot 60), a Mexico City gold cob 8 escudos 1713 J graded NGC MS 64 (lot 26), a Lima gold cob 8 escudos 1708 H graded NGC MS 63 pedigreed to the John Pullin Collection (lot 44) and two different varieties of Cuzco gold cob 2 escudos 1698 M both in NGC MS 63 holders (lots 41 and 42).

Among non-shipwreck gold cobs, there is the “top pop” Lima gold cob 8 escudos 1729 N graded NGC MS 62 (lot 47) plus the substantially difficult Lima gold cob 8 escudos 1748 R graded by NGC as MS 63.

A wide variety of Shipwreck Ingots includes two hefty gold “finger” bars from the Atocha (1622) from the J.P. Silberman Estate (lots 71 and 72), a fascinating 28.75-kilogram silver ingot from the Maravillas (1656) with original uncleaned coral encrustation (lot 79), and a rectangular gold bar weighing 915 grams from the Corrigan’s wreck site of the 1715 Fleet with ties to Florida salvage history (lot 73). In addition, we have three lustrous gold disk ingots recovered from the Luz (1752) (lots 74-76) whose origins are analyzed by Daniel Frank Sedwick in this catalog’s feature article.

Our popular Shipwreck Coins section features an assortment of high-grade Atocha coins (lots 94-183) – this year marks the 400th anniversary of its sinking off the Key West. Many of these also come with vintage Mel Fisher certificates of interest to the salvage history collector. Notable coins include a very rare French gold louis d’or 1723-Z from the Chameau (1725) (lot 279), a Santiago gold bust 8 escudos 1751 J from the Luz (1752) graded NGC MS 62 (lot 298), and a clump of seven US Seated Liberty silver half dollars from the SS Republic (1865) – the first time we have offered a clump from this wreck (lot 316).

Session II

We’ll begin Session II with our second offering of selections from the Clyde Hubbard Collection of Charles-Joanna Coinage (lots 323-393) in Mexico Silver Cobs with notable rarities like the “Early Series” 4 reales with assayer P to right (lot 323) and the very difficult “Late Series” 4 reales of assayer S unlisted in Nesmith (lot 332).

The finest known NGC-graded Lima 8 reales 1684 V in an NGC AU 53 holder (lot 422) stands out in our Lima Silver Cobs section.

Watch for some well-struck Royals in Potosí Silver Cobs like the very rare Louis I 8 reales Royal of 1727 Y (lot 485) or the impressively defined 8 reales Royal of 1680 V with pomegranate above the pillars (lot 465).

Session III

We’re pleased to host the Gansu Collection of Chinese Panda Coinage in Session III representing 250 lots of very high-grade and rare examples from 1982 to 2005 of the iconic Chinese flagship coin series. Some of the series’ greatest rarities make appearances – the 1995 large date and small date gold 50 yuans graded NGC MS 69 (lot 646 and 641), the “top pop” 1998 large date 50 yuan graded MS 69 (lot 693), and a gorgeous denomination set of the 1992-P proof gold Pandas (lot 603).

Session IV

The second day of our auction begins with World Coins in Session IV.

Desirable coins from across the globe will be sold – from the finest NGC-graded Seville, Spain, gold 8 escudos 1701 M graded NGC MS 65 (lot 1080) to the extremely rare and finest Lima, Peru, gold 4 escudos 1838 M graded NGC AU 53 and pedigreed to the Hammel and Goodman collections (lot 1040).

A pair of key Venezuelan rarities are being offered for the first time publicly in this sale: a gold essai 5 venezolanos 1875-A graded NGC PF 62 Cameo (lot 1115) and a silver essai 1/2 real 1863 E graded NGC SP 61 (lot 1114).

Session V

In Session V’s Medals and Decorations, we’ll host our third offering of Admiral Vernon medals from the John W. Adams Collection (lots 1127-1201).

Several very rare silver Bolívar medals are also available such as the Colombia 1828-dated “Bolívar saved from assassination” medal graded NGC AU 58 (lot 1120) and the Bolivia 1825 “Potosí Gratitude to Bolívar” medal (lot 1118).

One of the top lots in the entire auction resides in US Coins and Medals: the unique Proof silver Declaration of Independence medal crafted by Charles Cushing Wright in the 1850s and based on John Trumbull’s famous 1818 painting (lot 1238). This special medal bears a pedigree chain going back to the original owner, Charles Ira Bushnell, and continuing on to notable collectors such as John Work Garrett and the aforementioned John Adams.

US Paper Money holds the tough South Carolina 7 shillings 6 pence note of 1778 (lot 1241) along with Continental Congress half dollar note of 1776 designed by Benjamin Franklin (lot 1242).

In World Paper Money, rare Cuban revolutionary notes like the Junta Central Republicana 10 pesos of 1869 graded PMG VF 25 (lot 1269) and the high-denomination República de Cuba 1000 pesos note of 1869 signed by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes graded PMG XF 40 (lot 1268) are on display.

Session VI

The Coin Jewelry selection in Session VI hosts some beautiful Spanish colonial coins in jewelry mounts ready for wearing like a Lima gold cob 8 escudos of Philip V in an 18-karat pendant setting (lot 1292) as well as a Bogotá gold cob 2 escudos from the 1715 Fleet in a 14-karat gold anchor pendant (lot 1293).

For the ultimate 1715 Fleet collector, we have an impressive conserved iron signal cannon from the Fleet, still possessing much original detail like the full yoke and lifting handle “dolphins” (lot 1340) in Shipwreck Artifacts.

Within Non-Wreck Artifacts, there is a “duel-ready” pair of European flintlock pistols from the 1700s (lot 1344).

Our Express session features some 400 lots of more cost-efficient coins, paper money, and artifacts. We aptly end this auction on lot 1622, the year of the Atocha and Santa Margarita’s sinking.

We wish you the best of luck in this auction!

* * *

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Daniel Frank Sedwick
Daniel Frank Sedwick
Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC is one of the world’s premier specialist companies in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck coins, and artifacts of all nations. Their auctions offer live bidding on the dedicated website, with live video feed for floor auctions, lot-closing alerts, secure payment, and more.

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