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Temperate Zone: Germany Announces 3rd in Climate Zones Polymer Ring Coin Series

Polymer 2019 5 Euro Temperate Zone

On Wednesday, April 10, Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance Secretary Gisela Splett announced the first 5-euro Collector’s coin with the motif “moderate zone” stamped.

“The new collection coin is provided with a translucent green polymer ring,” said Splett at the State Mint of Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe. “A special feature is that each state mint in Germany uses their own individual shade of green to produce the coins.”

The new coin is part of the five-coin series “Climate Zones of the Earth“, which began in 2017 and will continue through 2021. The motif of the third edition is dedicated to the Temperate Climate Zone, which also includes Germany. Typical aspects of this climate zone are the change of seasons and deciduous forests. Therefore, a forest silhouette and an autumnal oak branch are integrated as picture elements in the design. The focus of the motif is a hare, serving as a typical representative of open land in the temperate zone. The optical effect of large space is characterized by the interplay of individual elements that are both positively as well as negatively depicted on the surface of the coin.

“A very successful Motif that visually appeals to our climate zone,” says Splett regarding the design by the Berlin artist Peter Lasch. The face value side, identical for all coins in the series, was created by the artist Stefanie Radtke based out of Leipzig.

The mintage of the new collector’s coin is 3.4 million pieces. Of these, three million will be struck in a stamp-gloss quality and 400,000 will feature mirror-gloss optics. The first day of issue will be September 19, 2019. The coin will also be produced at the mints in Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin, though certain aspects of the manufacturing process take place exclusively at the State Mints of Karlsruhe and Munich.

The 2017 issue (“Tropical Zone“) features a red polymer ring and was the first issue of the series. The 2018 issue (“Subtropical Zone“) features an orange ring. Next year’s entry will feature the “Sub-Polar Zone”. In 2021, the series will end with the “Polar Zone” coin.

Additional Information:

The State Government Mint of Baden-Württemberg provides about 40 percent of the yearly output of German circulation and collector coins. Two embossing sites–Stuttgart and Karlsruhe–together have 80 employees.

Products with a polymer ring are considered to be extremely tamper-proof. The technology has won international awards for its development, of which Baden-Württemberg deserves much credit.

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