U.S. Mint : Fond Du Lac Code Talkers Congressional Medal Designs

Michael White from the United States Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications forwarded to CoinWeek the following design candidates for the Fond Du Lac Code Talkers Congressional Medal

The brave Fond Du Lac Code Talkers were instrumental in the prosecution of World War II. Using their native language as the basis for a Top Secret U.S. code, the Fond Du Lac Code Talkers of World War II were able to securely pass sensitive and urgent information to allied commanders. So important was the tactical advantage of the code talkers, that a shroud of secrecy surrounding their service during and after their war. Congress has authorized the production of Congressional Gold Medals to honor the Code Talkers for their historic and important contributions.

Six finalist designs were considered when the CCAC made their recommendations earlier this month.





Which designs are your favorites? Tell us in the comment box below.

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