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US Gold Coins – Unsurpassed Transitional Year 1907 Gold Set


AU Capital Management, LLC is proud to offer this 1907 U.S. Gold three-coin set comprised of the 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle graded PCGS MS-69 CAC, the 1907 Rolled Edge $10 Indian Eagle PCGS MS67 and the 1907 No Motto $10 Indian Eagle PCGS MS68 CAC. This unique group of three coins is unquestionably unimprovable in grade and we do not hesitate to declare it as the Finest Known 1907 set.

1907 was a year of change in the United States—and it was a year of change for America’s coinage as well. The three coins of this 1907 Gold Set are a unique combination of experimental ultra-rarities, popular first-year-of-issue coins and long-standing classics—all embodied in three coins of unsurpassed quality and preservation.

The two basic designs of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle and the Indian Eagle are two of the most highly regarded gold coin designs in American history. Each and every year, prominent collectors and investors seek to add examples of these designs to their collections and portfolios. But only one can own what amounts to the finest known 3-coin set of 1907 U.S. Gold in the entire world.

The story behind the origins of the final designs of the U.S. Eagle and Double Eagle gold pieces—Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ coins of 1907—is a fascinating study of presidential power and political intrigue at the White House and the U.S. Mint.

In 1905, while touring the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., President Theodore Roosevelt commented favorably upon seeing classic Greek coinage on display and wondered aloud why American coinage was so “bland.” He even said our nation’s coins were “artistically of atrocious hideousness.” The sight of classic Greek coinage that day crystallized his decision to launch new designs for the whole range of U.S. coins.

Roosevelt felt that coins were more than round bits of metal, he felt they reflected a country’s greatness. By 1905, America had grown to become the most powerful nation on earth. Roosevelt wanted to see coin designs that would reflect America’s pre-eminent status. He contacted the artist who had created his 1905 inauguration medallion, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The president asked the aging sculptor to produce a variety of coins similar to the ancient Greek coins which Roosevelt admired. Unfortunately, Saint-Gaudens passed away after completing only two coins, the $10 gold piece (the Eagle) and the $20 gold piece (the Double Eagle), but these coins are considered the most classic American coin designs of all time.

This 1907 Set includes three original Saint-Gaudens designs (the High Relief Double Eagle, the “Rolled Edge” Eagle and the “No Periods” Eagle) that were discontinued after limited mintage runs due to objections from the Mint staff, who were resentful of Saint-Gaudens’ relationship with the meddling president. Today, these three coins are among the most desirable coins in all of U.S. numismatics.

The MCMVII High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, Wire RimThe MCMVII High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, Wire Rim

Acclaimed as America’s most beautiful coin design, the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle portrays Miss Liberty on the observe striding into the dawn of a new day, wielding an olive branch in one hand and, in the other hand, a torch held aloft. On the reverse, the American eagle soars through the rays of the sun.

The original Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle design was in such high relief that, in the first issues intended for circulation, it took four or more blows of the coin press to fully bring out all the details. Because of their great beauty, most of the coins were kept as souvenirs and never reached circulation. In fact, they immediately sold for a premium over face value, with examples bringing $25 to $30 soon after issue. Only 11,250 High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagles were minted before the design relief was lowered to facilitate mass production.

The present Wire Rim variety is the finest known and finest certified specimen from the entire mintage of 11,250 coins. It is THE ONLY specimen graded at the near-perfect level of Mint State (MS) 69 and further endorsed by CAC. Included in its provenance is Ed Trompeter (1999), Philip Morse (2005), various intermediaries then our present consignor (2009).

1907 Indian Eagle, Judd 1903, Pollock 1997. Rolled Edge

1907 Indian Eagle, Judd 1903, Pollock 1997. Rolled EdgeThe Indian Eagle was immediately popular with numismatists when it was unveiled. However, the issue was not without scandal. The design, featuring Miss Liberty in a full war bonnet with star-tipped feathers, caused quite a stir. The public soon got over their initial shock and quickly grew to appreciate this new design. The reverse depicts an eagle at rest upon an olive branch.

When it was determined that the original Indian Eagle could not practically be produced for circulation due to its “wire” edge, the design was altered by flattening or “rolling” the rim to make a raised protective lip on the edge of the coin.

Although the resulting issue is listed as a Pattern (Judd-1903), it was certainly meant for circulation as 31,550 were struck before production was suspended for reasons that remain unclear to this day. Most importantly for investors and collectors, when production was halted, the Mint melted down all but 42 of these coins. The result was one of the most rare coins in the entire world-! Three of the survivors reside permanently in the Smithsonian Institute. Of the estimated 40-42 coins that remain today, the example offered as part of this set is one of the three finest known. It is graded Mint State 67 by PCGS and no other examples have been graded higher. The Provenance includes John Kutasi and the Bentley Shores collection.

1907 Indian Eagle. No Motto

1907 Indian Eagle. No MottoAfter the Rolled Edge design was abandoned, the Mint arrived at a final design of great beauty, but with a conventional rim.

Offered as part of this set is an historic and splendid example of one of the most highly revered gold coins in American numismatics. Moreover, given that this example is another finest known survivor, it is even more significant. It has received the lofty grade of Mint State (MS) 68 from PCGS, and not a single example has ever been graded higher. This specimen is also endorsed by CAC.

Over the years, the 1907 issues have become a ”magic date,” sought be those who collect great rarities and others who want to recall the beginning of a new era that proved to be the last generation of regular-issue U.S. gold coins. Regardless of the owner’s motives, ownership of this 1907 Gold Set can only mean that the collection or portfolio has advanced to among the elite in the world.

Interested inquiries should be directed towards Tammie Hauser, Senior Portfolio Manager at AU Capital Management, LLC. She can be reached directly at 949-606-6236. Our main office telephone number is 407-352-3966 and the company website is www.aucm.com.

Russell A. Augustin
Russell A. Augustinhttps://www.aucm.com
Russell Augustin entered the numismatic profession in 1982. He specializes in U.S. gold, Pioneer and Fractional gold coinage, Early Type and Early Dollars and ancient Roman and Greek coinage. Russell attended both Ohio Wesleyan and Harvard Universities. Thereafter, he served as Vice President and Director of Numismatics at two national coin companies. He founded NumisTech Consulting, and has been an appraiser for the federal government, price consultant for a rare coin fund, and advisor to a major New England advertising agency. In 2005, Russ established AU Capital Management (AUCM), LLC, where he is currently owner and president. In 2016, AUCM became an affiliate of the numismatic powerhouse, RARCOA, and relocated its fulfillment center to Illinois.

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