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US Mint Postpones Remaining 2021 Morgan, Peace Dollar Pre-Order Windows

US Mint Postpones Remaining 2021 Morgan, Peace Dollar Pre-Order Windows

Late last night, the United States Mint sent an email to its customers informing them that the previously announced pre-order windows for the remaining 2021 Morgan dollar and Peace dollar 100th anniversary issues were being postponed due to problems encountered by collectors as they attempted to order the Carson City and New Orleans privy mark coins online when they went on sale Monday, May 24. Both coins “predictably” sold out within minutes – click here for a wrap-up of that day’s events, along with several angry comments from collectors.

The following is the Mint’s unedited email from May 27.

* * *

Dear Valued Customer,

The United States Mint is committed to providing the best possible online experience to its customers. The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights. This level of demand is felt most acutely by the Mint during the initial product release of numismatic items. Most recently in the pre-order window for 2021 Morgan Dollar with Carson City privy mark (21XC) and New Orleans privy mark (21XD), the extraordinary volume of web traffic caused significant numbers of Mint customers to experience website anomalies that resulted in their inability to complete transactions.

In the interest of properly rectifying the situation, the Mint is postponing the pre-order windows for the remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars that were originally scheduled for June 1 (Morgan Dollars struck at Denver (21XG) and San Francisco (21XF)) and June 7 (Morgan Dollar struck at Philadelphia (21XE) and the Peace Dollar (21XH)). While inconvenient to many, this deliberate delay will give the Mint the time necessary to obtain web traffic management tools to enhance the user experience. As the demand for silver remains greater than the supply, the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin. However, we are confident that during the postponement, we will be able to greatly improve on our ability to deliver the utmost positive U.S. Mint experience that our customers deserve. We will announce revised pre-order launch dates as soon as possible.

Thank you for a being a United States Mint customer.


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  1. We should start up a pool to see who can guess the new release date. Being that the government is going to try to fix this web problem, I’ll go ahead and take 13 September 2037.

    I hope they don’t delay the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

    • Won’t even let me type my reply,that’s how f**ked up these assholes are. Bastards just sell to big money dealers. They claim a limit but I know that’s a lie. Our Government can’t even sell coins without lying.GFY°

      Don’t hold your breath on those crooks

      • It’s coinweek, not the mint, and you seriously need to relax. The world’s not ending, they just couldn’t properly handle the server load of that many concurrent users.

  2. They can keep their garbage. How dare they have such a difficult ordering process. If I do decide to buy, I will buy them when the price of silver falls, covid scalping money runs out, and they are priced below mint price.

  3. There should not be allowed any bulk business purchases until every American citizen has a chance to buy the corn and then and only then should companies be allowed to hold them up. You know 99% of these all go to businesses. That is b******* this is the mint that belongs to the people not the companies…

  4. I will never buy again from them. My order was completed and when I went to pay they informed me that the coins I purchased were no longer available.

  5. I can buy quality mint state Morgan’s in Ms 65 for price of these 2021 when you add encapsulation. If I get a 69 then it’s really not worth the effort. Rather have a nice 1881s or 79 for the same price and these old Morgan’s are worth it. Mike mezak coin tv mentality is driving absurd mint prices and fools pay for it ( unless you really do collect all commend that’s different).

  6. We can be sure this decision came from the mint director himself, due to pressure from above.

    In addition to the numerous complaints posted on this website, evidently enough coin collectors complained to their congressional representatives – who then told the mint director to fix the mint’s website.

    If you endure another fiasco when ordering coins, don’t stop with sharing your experience here, but go ahead and also contact your Congressman/woman.

  7. If a pre ordered, how did I get shut out. Apparently they didn’t stop the pre order at 175000, which was to be number to be struck. Poor poor management

  8. Not much of a chance for novice collectors. Have to go up against big money and hoarders. Should put a low limit to be purchased. Like 2 or 3. We’re at the mercy of big money collectors who will gouge you.

  9. I tried to order 1 of each which were in my cart at 12:01 pm may 24th… Then the error came up sold out.. they were in my cart for the love of God…. I bet The Coin Vault or Rick Tomaska or the other coin show dealers bought all so they can profit..

    • The exact thing happened to me. I actually went through the entire purchase procedure, had a confirmation of sale, then 10 seconds later was told “one or more of the items in your cart is no longer available, PLEASE remove them so we can process your order”. Bother the CC & O, both for a quantity of ONE EACH, had to be removed. Hence, no purchase. I’m done collecting coins from the mint and the big houses that rape you on price. How the hell do they know in advance how many MS 70s and MS 69s they’ll have to sell. I personally think it’s collusion between the mint, the big houses and the coin grading services. NGC, PCGS etc.

  10. Give me should show a record of who was able to buy the coins so we can finally see that most of them go to dealers or special customers that they make deals with.
    Anything the government does is done poorly in fact it’s done worse than just about any other organization.

    • Excuses, excuses. Let me know when everyone involved with US Mint website is fired and replaced for this to mean anything. What the F is “web trafficking management tools?” Just subcontract out web management for the heavy traffic Mint items to a vendor like PayPal or bank processing center who has experience and capabilities to perform with high traffic e-commerce. What will be the Mint’s next excuse when their new “web traffic management tools” fail with the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar sale?

      • PayPal or banks don’t have this experience or capacity. The only company I can think of is something like Ticketmaster.

        And buying high demand tickets from there, with waiting rooms, is much worse. I stopped going to concerts and playoff sports because of the difficulty.

        I’ve been able to get my order at the Mint for every coin I wanted in the last 2 years, including these.

    • I’m just a run-of-the-mill collector, though I’ve been buying from the Mint for over a decade. I was able to get 10 of each. It did take me about 50 refreshes to get through the process though. It crashed on me many times, but persistence paid off and I got them about 1215 or so.

      • I’ve had that happen to me before and the coins don’t show up. You will know if you were successful when there in your safe.

        • I got the confirmation email later that day. I’ve never had coins not show up after getting that email, but I suppose it could happen. You’re right…it is a satisfying feeling when they are safely tucked away!

  11. The fact that the mint can’t seem to have a fair distribution system I stopped buying coins from them over 10 years ago.
    I know it’s not going to happen but if everybody stopped buying their coins they would stop messing around

  12. I’ll say it again in a different way if people just stopped buying them from the dealers who seem to be the ones who can buy in bulk, they also get their coins upgraded since they’re better customers with the grading companies.
    Everybody needs to just stop buying them unfortunately that won’t happen.

  13. One thing stands out in that Mint email…the part about the global silver shortage. They haven’t really talked about such a thing before, have they? If so, I haven’t see it too much. I wonder if the shortage has more to do with this delay than ordering process. After all, the Mint never much cared about ordering problems in the past. Why now? I’m always so suspicious with government.

  14. With the mint now allowing an advanced selling deal to certain large buyers is getting me to a breaking point. I’m sure I’m not the only one! We as small collectors who have been loyal mint customers for many, many years should boycott buying from the mint. Better yet, a congressional investigation should begin. I feel sorry for young collectors who try to continue collecting coins under these conditions.

  15. Maybe I should just take my silver to the mint and they could strike a coin for me, courtesy of the us tax payer… Oh wait wrong century.

  16. They need to do something about the ordering process. I had a CC Morgan IN MY CART for 18+ minutes but couldn’t check out. Kept getting “bad gateway” and other errors. At one point I got to the very last step, pushed the “Place Order” button, and…”bad gateway”!!! By the time I reloaded they were sold out. Absolutely ridiculous, but about what I’ve come to expect from the US Mint. #sad

  17. The limit set was criminal with a population the size of America . If the U. S. Mint can not do the job than close its doors. I have been collecting Silver Dollars sense 1986 and want to continue to collect more. It is also not fair that American citizens can not buy gold and silver billion coins straight from the U. S. Mint.

  18. This is what happens when you cater to big business.
    The collector gets shut out.
    Look on home shopping networks they will have a hoard of these coins.
    I have been a subscriber of the US Mint for years the ” first striking” are allways gone to large corporations who intern sell at a huge profit.
    The average collector has to buy in the secondary market.
    The mint needs to make it equitable.

  19. SO WHAT!!!! This is not the first time this has happened. This happens all the time. I have in the past gotten emails from the Large Online Coin sales offering me an additional $100 to buy coins when released so I know I am not the only one. Every time in the past when I try to buy a coin for myself the system has crashed so why is it a problem now? Bet the Big Boys didn’t get their quota? lol
    I get a kick out of seeing “former” US Mint Directors on TV being paid pitch men for Coin Shows. It appears there is no concern about the individual collector anymore?

  20. It is obvious that the general public cannot buy these coins. The coin dealers have an illegal monopoly on this merchandise.

  21. They canceled my order because of alleged entry errors. I looked at the receipt. Everything was 100% fine. Not even a message to fix it. Just notification after the fact.

  22. I agree with you most of the time the worst place to buy is the US mint as indicated with regards to proof sets over the last 25 years

  23. There should be a system which would allow for individual’s who have previous orders for 5 or less coins to have first opportunity. Limited to 5 or less for each new release, to give us small buyers half a chance at securing them. But, obviously they’re concerned with selling out and not helping the small customer’s.

  24. In fairness to all the Mint should raise the production to meet the demand of the people during the Website crashes. Let’s say 250 thousand

  25. Very interesting that I never saw a message from the mint about this cancellation. My late husband and I collected silver dollars from the US Mint for the last 15 years and I just wanted to add these new ones to our collection in his honor but all I could get was the gateway error message after I finally managed to get just the “cc” coin in my cart. Then it said sold out and I could have a reminder should more coins become available. I refuse to go online to Ebay or some company and pay double the issue price. This makes me think that I am totally finished with coin collecting. Not the first time that I have failed to be able to order new issues from the Mint. I missed two commemorative last Fall because they were “sold out” before I could get the order to complete.

  26. It looks to me like the Mint still plans on releasing the new version of Silver and Gold Eagles on time. I think, because the Morgans/Peace are probably still in production, there might be a whole lot to the “global silver outage”. That might be the real reason. If the reason was the web traffic, would they still release the new Gold/Silver Eagle (knowing it will be in high demand)?

    Government lies all the time. So sick of it. Wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t get their hands on the silver to make those coins and came up with a BS excuse.

  27. I agree to all the previous posts. Myself being a small collector, was able to order one of each Morgan dollars. Still the many problems remain as to the ability to purchase products dirrectly from the mint, having their “website” crash on every sell. They are the US Government, should they not have Super computers? Silver is scarce due to the economy heading to the dump and the dollar becoming worthless. You cannot keep printing money and handing it out thinking the problem is solved for everyone.

  28. I was on the website at noon was also shut out. Tried calling that was another fiasco.
    This was supposed to be a hobby wide event.
    Not so if there were only going to be 175,000
    of each of the 6 coins. Ridiculous !! There are probably more than 175,000 disappointed collectors. Whoever set the silver content higher than the original dollar coins, should have their head examined. What was the purpose ? Especially since silver is in short supply !? I know the program’s intent was good. But somewhere along the line FUBAR occurred. Too bad.

  29. How much time has the mint already had to get ready for this??? Happens every time. Now they want to take a 100 year anniversary which was special and turn it into a yearly mintage. So much for low mintages.

  30. Sounds like broken promises from are government again. It’s following the lies told to us before, about a
    Stimulus check. Just wait it’s coming. Yeah right.

  31. I have been documenting this US Mint disaster for over a decade and made many negative feedback reports to them with the suggestion of shuttering the US Mint and starting over from scratch with a new director and employees – they didn’t listen………….. SO it’s up to us to stop being victimized and stop buying from dealers with inflated prices and stop helping the ebay machine rip us off – this is all part of a much bigger problem that is fueled by victims with FEAR OF MISSING OUT syndrome – YES unfortunately the victims ( you and me) are the problem because we keep falling for the fake scarcity and price gouging. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF SILVER AT $85 AN OUNCE OR MORE ONLY AT THE $20 PRICE – IT’S REAL VALUE. Stimulus brought a whole new generation or gang of price gougers and flippers the same way obamacare created an opioid epidemic – big government meddling has big consequences. Sadly, the US Mint – Government itself, has jumped on the band wagon of creating false scarcity and price gouging – just imagine how empowered and entitled a US Mint employee believes he/she is with never ending job security created by false scarcity and victims who just can’t say NO at any price. Criminals have turned to youtube to promote the fake scarcity and price gouging sham and it’s ruined the trading card hobby and it’s impacting the coin hobby. Graders started all of this hype – sham and I will say what I have said for decades ” a 10 cent plastic slab and a phony number only ad value to the graders and the dealers bank accounts not the collector – it’s so sad that all of us can’t use social media for something useful and get together and boycott all these losers and force change I guess we love being victims. The Criminals Are Winning and We Need To Fight Back! Good Luck To Everyone…..

  32. I managed to get my hands on a New Orleans mint mark just for a collectible, it was very stressful and I do agree that they should do something about the website traffic bug. However, think about it. Only 175,000 of each will be minted and there is millions of coin collectors throughout the U.S, you have to know it’s you versus millions of other collectors and you have a slim chance of getting it

  33. I GOT MY COINS ORDERED 10 EACH, going to get them all graded. It is a crap shoot, sometimes you win some times you lose.

    • I buy a lot of coins, both ungraded and graded, for my own personal long-term collection. I’ve never had any graded for myself, either. What is it going to cost to have 10 graded? And how long does that take? Do you use PCGS or NGC? I’ve considered it from time to time, but never really looked into it further. Any info would be appreciated.

      • They have a monopoly on the Industry and collude with ebay, you will pay top dollar and they will take their sweet time and if you don’t like it they really don’t care. Don’t be the fool who thinks his/her coins/cards are worth even one red cent more than before they were graded or you will be standing in a long line of bag holder/losers. Also, for the money your going to pay your going to expect the best of quality and professionalism yet don’t be surprised to find hair, food particles or worse inside your coin slab and or smell smoke or see finger prints on your coins. There is no such thing as a perfect coin or card but graders are grading coins and cards as perfect by the millions. One of the principles of collecting I personally dreamed up is ” just the process and handling of getting a coin or card graded automatically reduces it by 1 grade or level from it’s best ever condition which means there can’t be any perfect cards or coins but a grader will never tell you that because you won’t pay to hear the truth – just my 2 cents from a collector of over 5 decades. If you have a coin or card you really cherish then do not even let a grader put their hands on it. Best Regards

  34. Just returned from Vegas and saw the “delay” news. Well, at least the Mint acknowledges there were problems with its website functionality. Here’s a novel idea: 1) Reduce the total number of coins per issue to 5 per household; and 2) keep the ordering period open for a set period of time. And at the end of that time period, whatever the mintage total is, it is. Before the Mint became the world’s largest coin dealer, this is exactly how they issued proof and SMS sets from 1964-1970. That way, anyone who wants one of these coins will have the opportunity to get one.

  35. Im one of the many that left them a foul e-mail. Year in and year out the same b.s keeps happening. I crossed over to Canada and started buying yearly silver maple leafs WITH NO PROBLEM!!! Go figure……..

  36. We only want one we don’t care which one. Our Granddaughter will be 2 this year, her name is Morgan. As Grandparents we thought it be cool to do this, we are upset and appalled at what happened with the first set of coins. Had it in cart, placed order, and it said unavailable. Your pathetic, you telling me that all these coins sold out in 10 minutes? Limits should be set to 2 so people like us may have a chance. I do not believe the silver shortage but do believe in the greed and price gouging.

  37. The mint is not operating fairly. Long time customers who already have their enrollment program in place should be the mint’s priority, not the big companies that can get “monster boxes”. I actually had 1 of each 2021 Morgan CC and O in my basket, confirmation of payment, and then a message that my order was canceled because there were no more coins
    available!!! This year will mark my business ending with the mint, unless they change their policy regarding sales to individual collectors. AND IT’S TIME TO GET ALL THE MINTS PRODUCING AGAIN. ENOUGH OF COVID BS!

  38. Unfortunately the US Mint has just decided to give the largest dealers first shot at all of the future releases making it even more difficult for individual collectors to get coins first-hand.

    I just noticed APMEX is advertising future US Mint releases and when cross referencing the total mintage of those product it appears the US Mint is giving dealers 50% of the release up-front: I have purchased precious metals bars from APMEX in the past and have no major complaints but I did notice a statement APMEX made that I believe is incorrect; to the effect that the general public can’t buy any products directly from the US Mint which I do not believe is an accurate claim by APMEX. In fact, the coin they are referencing will have about half available on the US Mint website first-come first-serve unless I’m missing something . I also recall in early stages of the scarcity shenanigans that APMEX briefly put out a statement that the US Mint had run out of silver completely – as a collector who wants to have faith in others in our hobby I find it troubling when one or more of the major players crosses the line and plays the scarcity game.

    Bottom line for me is I will not support the Middle-Man/Fee-Machine/Third Party Monster: there are certain items I collect and if I can’t get those items directly from the US Mint or other manufacturer I will simply do without that item. The US Mint just chose big dealers over individual collectors at the worst possible time for the collector.

    One of the reasons I believe this is happening is because when the US Mint surveys me I always tell them their packaging is cheap crap and their mail order skills are terrible because they don’t safely package their products and their delivery system smart post/USPS is the slowest in the business and I bet they hear that a lot – so the easy way out would be to have the dealers take over those responsibilities. Pros: some dealers will ship over night free ok if you trust ebay and 3rd party sellers. Cons: I don’t see the US Mint or OGP being included when buying via these third party sellers.

    Thanks for listening to my rants good luck to all collector’s!

  39. Wow, I just managed to score 3 each of the D & S??? I figured I had no shot, but just kept resubmitting after all the “bad gateway” messages, and on about the 8th try and 15 minutes into it, I got the lovely order confirmation and my card was charged. I’m just a regular Joe collector, guess a blind squirrel does find a nut now and again.

  40. Had one of each in my cart but the final step of the ordering process tanked with bad gateway or requested webpage does not exist. Then the 2 coins were no longer available. Just can’t catch a break with these Morgans!


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