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Wealthy Max Ltd – FormerFeds Group Issues Mutilated Coin Redemption Program White Paper

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Recommends U.S. Mint Require Tougher Compliance Program for Coin Redeemers

By FormerFeds Group, LLC …….
The FormerFeds Group, LLC today announced the release of its White Paper on the U.S. Mint’s Mutilated Coin Redemption Program including recommendations to improve coin redemption procedures. This program was suspended by the Department of the Treasury in November 2015 for a review of its security processes. The FormerFeds Group White Paper was commissioned by GeyerGorey LLP, the law firm representing Wealthy Max Limited (Wealthy Max), a claimant in a federal civil forfeiture case involving redemption of supposedly counterfeit coins.

The White Paper was produced by a team of professional researchers, analysts and retired FBI agents all working in the FormerFeds Group organization. The document reviews the history and development of the U.S. Mint’s Mutilated Coin Redemption Program since its founding in 1911, and recent concerns about the possibility of criminal exploitation of the program. It concludes with several policy recommendations for the Mint and Treasury Department to consider when determining how best to restructure and relaunch the program.

A copy of the White Paper can be downloaded here.

“Over the last six months the FormerFeds Group has worked closely with the Wealthy Max legal defense team to provide investigation support, internal compliance review and auditing and most recently policy research and recommendations,” said Roy Johnson, Special Agent in Charge, FormerFeds Group LLC. “Our investigation into this program has found no evidence counterfeit mutilated coins have ever been redeemed, yet concerns have lingered about this possibility. This White Paper uses our research and analysis capabilities to present a neutral review of the current program, and generate practical recommendations for improvements in security that will not significantly increase costs. We believe there is consensus among all stakeholders that the Mutilated Coin Redemption Program is worthwhile and should be maintained in a manner that addresses security concerns. Our White Paper reflects the FormerFeds Group contribution to this discussion.”

On April 25 the White Paper was delivered to multiple officials at the U.S. Mint and is also being sent to members of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology as well as senior officials from the Departments of Treasury, Justice and Homeland Security.

The primary recommendation of the FormerFeds Group White Paper is that the U.S. Mint require all large scale coin redeemers to implement a rigorous compliance program with third-party validation, to demonstrate coins being redeemed are genuine U.S. currency. Each shipment of coins would need to be inspected and validated prior to being submitted to the U.S. Mint for redemption. The costs of the compliance program would be borne by the organizations redeeming coins and thus would not add to the government’s expenses associated with this program.

“The FormerFeds Group thinks the institution of a well-structured and documented compliance program for coin redeemers is an effective and viable approach to addressing concerns regarding the potential redemption of coins that are not genuine U.S. currency. We would welcome the opportunity to sit down with Mint officials to discuss our recommendations in greater detail,” concluded Raymond J. Carr, Special Agent in Charge, FormerFeds Group.

The FormerFedsGroup, LLC is an international provider of compliance, investigative, crisis management and business development services for private and non-government organizations. The organization is staffed with experienced professionals, all of whom have over 20-years of experience in United States federal law enforcement.

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