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World Coins – Estonia Celebrates Independence with New 2 Euro Commemorative

By Bank of Estonia ……
Estonia 2017 100th Anniversary of Independence 2 Euro bimetallic coin. Image courtesy Bank of Estonia

  • The special 2 euro coin went on sale June 26 and are legal tender throughout the euro area
  • A total of 1.5 million of the coins have been minted
  • A total of 10,000 2 euro coin cards will be produced, retailing for 7 euros each

On June 26, the Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank) presented a 2 euro circulating commemorative coin dedicated to the events preceding Estonia’s independence in the White Hall of the Toompea Castle. The coins entered circulation that day and can be purchased from the bank’s e-shop.

On June 26, 1917, a regulation was issued in the Tallinn City Council on the election of a provincial council, which set out the procedure for the election of the Provincial Council of the Provincial Government of Estonia, the Elections Day, important dates and other details.

Exactly one hundred years later, for the first time marking the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, students will meet on the same day as candidates for the Young People’s Day .

“Eesti Pank is honored to present the 2 euro circulation coin to the first gathering of the Young People’s Day. The day’s elections and the decisions were a precondition for Estonia becoming an independent republic on February 24, 1918. With the presentation of the coin on June 26, we have united symbolically the different generations, history and the present day – just as the national side of the commemorative coin designs it,” said Ardo Hansson, President of the Bank of Estonia.

The two-euro bimetallic coins dedicated to the events prior to the independence of Estonia depict oak leaves and oak forests and a shingle goblin. The oak tree symbolizes Estonia’s path to independence, hailing to 1917, and the leaves symbolize strength, achievement and longevity. Oak leaves are also depicted in the great national coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia. The coin is designed by Jaan Meristo.

2 euro commemorative coin common reverseThe €2 commemorative coin is a special design where the common euro side is the same across the eurozone, but on the reverse national side is a special subject unique to the producing country. The coin’s circulation is 1.5 million. Of these, 10,000 coins are packed in a card format as a memento for a price of EUR 7. Coins are minted by the Lithuanian Mint and coin cards are produced by the Polish company Kurowski Group.

Bank of Estonia will issue coins to banks from June 26. After this date, the coins will also be recycled through retail trade. Coins and coin cards can also be purchased from the banks e-store. Since June 27, it is possible to purchase both commemorative coins and coin cards at the bank’s Museum Shop at the time of opening. The coin card will also be available for sale at post offices in Eesti Post, where Bank of Estonia sells collector coins and souvenir items (post offices do not sell individual coins).

A maximum of 10 coin cards can be purchased by one buyer at a time. Coins and coin cards can not be reserved. There are no quantitative restrictions on the purchase of commemorative coins. Individual coins and individual tropes can be purchased at the nominal value of coins, but for larger quantities, a service fee is added according to the weight of the coins. The bank reserves the right to change sales restrictions according to demand.

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