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$200,000 in Dimes Stolen From Truck in Philadelphia: CBS

A pile of Dimes. Image: Adobe Stock.
A pile of Dimes. Image: Adobe Stock.

CBS has given an update on a U.S. Mint delivery of millions of dimes stolen from a truck in Philadelphia


CBS Philadelphia reports that a truck containing dimes from the Philadelphia Mint was broken into early in the morning of April 13, resulting in two million dimes–$200,000 USD–being stolen. The break-in occurred sometime after 6:00 am Eastern Time.

The truck was parked overnight at a Walmart in northeast Philadelphia on Thursday morning. The truck contained a total of $750,000 in dimes, meaning the majority of the coins were left behind by the thieves. The police are looking for a “white Chrysler 300 pickup truck with tinted windows” and “a group of ’10 or more males’ wearing black clothing”, according to CBS Philadelphia.

The dimes in this truck were being transported to Florida from the United States Mint in Philadelphia. The driver had picked up the coins, then drove to northeast Philadelphia to park the truck to rest at home for the night. A different driver told CBS News that this was not common practice to leave a trailer unattended.

The heist left dimes strewn across the parking lot. The large number of coins displaced by the robbery took cleaning crews hours to clean up. The total weight of the coins stolen was close to five tons (10,000 pounds).

No arrests have been made as of this writing.

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