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Coin Board News – Number 37

By David W. Lange – www.coincollectingboards.com ….

For Collectors of Antique Coin Boards

Number 37 — Winter 2016


There’s nothing much new this time out, as the few purchases I made were of items for my own collection. It’s been some time since I’ve been offered any significant groups or even singles of coin boards. It’s starting to look like we’ve hit the end of the line on any old hoards, so it may be time for everyone to reconsider their strategy of holding out for Near Mint boards on those tougher items. I’ve said repeatedly that only the most common boards are known in such condition or even close to it. Toward that end, I’m including a new list consisting mostly of items that have been listed previously. These are nice boards, and if you don’t already have them, this may be the time to pull that trigger. Since I haven’t found better ones in nearly 10 years of offering boards for sale, it’s simply not going to happen.


Whitman First Edition Liberty Head Quarter Premium coin album. Courtesy David W. Lange</i>
Whitman First Edition Liberty Head Quarter Premium coin album. Courtesy David W. Lange.

After a previously quiet year, there were several notable items sold during the past quarter. One eBay seller had a nice, six-piece lot of Whitman Second Edition boards for sale. Though all were common titles, they bore the slightly scarce 1937 copyright and were in exceptionally nice condition, bringing a respectable $84.93 plus shipping. Another nice six-piece eBay lot featured a mix of brands and was highlighted by Whitman First Edition boards for Lincoln Cents and Buffalo Nickels, both with scarce black backings. Amazingly, this group brought $256, which is more than I would have sold them for on my lists! The same seller offered another five-piece lot that was much more desirable, as it included the two Oberwise boards for Barber Quarters in very early printings with deeply marbled face paper. O25¢Ac was previously unknown, and O25¢Bc is quite rare.

The lot likewise brought $256, but in this instance the figure is more justified. I bid quite strongly for my own collection, not expecting the price to go that high. Another strong seller was a pair of Oberwise boards for Buffalo Nickels and Standing Liberty Quarters. The latter is quite scarce in any variety, and this lot brought $96. The usual listings of partial sets in common boards either failed to sell or brought prices in line with the value of the coins.

Whitman First Edition Buffalo Nickel Premium coin album. Courtesy David W. Lange
Whitman First Edition Buffalo Nickel Premium coin album. Courtesy David W. Lange.

The remaining sales that occurred in recent months were unremarkable.


The best new board to surface is a Lincoln Printing board for Buffalo Nickels that has the title misspelled as NICKLES. I took this recently in trade, only to find out that reader Chris Buck also had an example and had not yet reported it to me. It has been cataloged as L5¢BC.2, while the variety previously listed with that number is now L5¢Bc.3, as it clearly followed the misspelled variety. Two new Oberwise varieties surfaced over the past few months: O5¢Bq and O25¢Ac. The latter is particularly significant, as it features the deeply marbled face printing so prized by collectors. It also has a correct date span pasted over incorrect dates.

Rather than damage the board by removing these additions, it may be presumed that the underlying dates are those intended for the concluding board for the Barber Quarter series. The seller’s photos for two of these new boards are included with this newsletter.

The annual updates to both my coin board and coin album books are also included with this newsletter. There are relatively few changes to the former, but there has been some upward price movement.


My next book covers the Library of Coins and Treasury of Coins album lines and is now in the layout process. I expect it to be in print by the spring. My website is still down, awaiting the time to put together an entirely new version. As soon as the new book is off to the printer I can begin working on this.


After staying close to home this past quarter, I’ll be attending two major shows in upcoming months. See me at the NGC booth during the annual FUN Show, which this year is at the Tampa Convention Center January 7-10, 2016. The following month I’ll be out west February 4-6 at the Long Beach Expo.


Great Book!

The National Coin Album Story

David W. Lange, Coin Collecting Albums: A Complete History & Catalog, Volume One: The National Coin Album & related Products of Beistle, Raymond & Meghrig (2015)
Image courtesy of the author, David W. Lange.

Numismatic researcher David W. Lange has written Coin Collecting Albums – A Complete History & Catalog Volume One: The National Coin Album & Related Products of Beistle, Raymond & Meghrig. This is the only book to study The National Coin Album series and other coin holders produced by these three publishers. Richly illustrated, it is nearly 300 pages long, including 80 pages in full color. Published at $75, this beautiful book is now being offered at $59.95 plus $10 for priority mail shipping in a sturdy box.

Author David W. Lange is also offering a close-out special on his previous book, Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s & 1940s: A Complete History, Catalog and Value Guide. Published at $39.95, this title is now just $19.95.

Both books are published by Lange’s own PennyBoard Press.

Mail orders must include $10 for priority mail shipping of the new coin album book. Shipping for the older book alone is $5 by media mail. If both books are ordered together, the shipping cost for both is $10 by priority mail. All books purchased from David W. Lange will be signed, and personalized inscriptions are available upon request. Payment by check made out to David W. Lange or via PayPal to [email protected].

David W. Lange may be contacted at [email protected]. His website address is coincollectingboards.com, and from this site he also buys and sells vintage coin boards.

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