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First 2021 Morgan Dollars Sell Out in Minutes

First 2021 Morgan Dollars Sell out in Minutes

By Chris Bulfinch for CoinWeek …..
2021 Morgan dollars with privy marks representing the New Orleans and Carson City Mints became unavailable almost immediately at the beginning of their pre-order period today at noon. The U.S. Mint’s website slowed to a crawl by 12:01, and within twenty-five minutes the entire 175,000-coin stock for both issues was marked “unavailable”. This suggests that the coins sold out, though the Mint may repost stock that becomes available later as a result of cancellations, returns, or payment issues. The Mint recommended that customers use credit cards that will not expire until after the coins ship on October 4, the point at which charges will be processed.

The first of three pre-order periods for 2021-dated Morgan and Peace dollars was scheduled to last until June 7 at 3 PM or “until product inventory is depleted”, according to a Mint press release; the latter came to pass within minutes.

Additionally, 10% of the United States Mint’s stock of both coins was already reserved for members of the Mint’s Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP), who pay an additional 5% plus shipping.

Pre-order receipts began selling on eBay for $150 USD and up within minutes of the products being marked “unavailable” on the Mint’s website.

Many online commenters were not optimistic about their prospects of acquiring the coins in the days and weeks before the pre-sale. Predictably, collectors and other customers shut out of the pre-order began expressing their frustration on coin websites and internet forums almost immediately after the sellout.

The Mint authorized a 175,000 product limit for each of the privy-marked Morgan dollars, priced at $85 per coin. Household ordering limits originally were set at 25 for each of the coins, but this was dropped to 10 of each coin after customer backlash. Six different Morgan and Peace dollars will be issued by the end of this year, with the privy marked coins on sale today–particularly the “CC” privy mark, given the immense popularity of Carson City Morgan dollars–likely to be the most sought-after.

Privy marks (raised ovals where the letters “O” or “CC” were struck) take the place of the mint marks for the New Orleans and Carson City Mint facilities under the wreath surrounding the eagle on the coins’ reverse. The facilities ended their coining operations in 1909 and 1893, respectively, which is why the Mint cannot legally issue the new dollars with “O” and “CC” mint marks proper.

The 2021 dollars measure 38.1 millimeters in diameter and contain 0.858 ounces of .999 fine silver. Interestingly, the 99.9% silver is of a higher fineness than the .900 fine cartwheels of the 19th and 20th centuries. Both coins were “created through the use of modern technology and historical U.S. Mint assets” and will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint, according to the coins’ listings on the Mint’s website. They sport an Uncirculated finish.

The pre-order period for the two Morgan dollars with “D” and “S” mint marks struck at the Denver and San Francisco Mint facilities will begin June 1 at noon; that pre-order period will last until June 14 unless preorders consume the entire stock. On June 7 at noon, presales for a Morgan dollar without a privy or mint mark, as well as for the 2021-dated Peace dollar, will begin. Like the two previous presales, the final two dollars will remain available for preorder for two weeks or until the stock runs out.

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  1. Had both CC & O in my cart in first minute. Twenty-seven minutes later when finally purchased only had New Orleans coin confirmed. Mint took my Carson City
    coin away because their system crashed multiple times during billing and payment confirmation phases; also logged me out when Mint’s website failed multiple times. US Mint website payment and processing system still woefully in 20th Century. Had my payment details in my US Mint account and system wouldn’t use it, had to manually input payment details every time.

    • I also had my credit card info saved to my account and I had the same issue you did and had to waste precious seconds manually entering it in. Strange! Luckily, my order of two CC coins actually went through, so I’m not complaining!

        • Ditto here, I was at work (released on Monday, just imagine that!) when these went live and would have had to order on my phone, probably introducing more issues with getting thru. I would have been “s.o.l.” in any case, what with crashes, entering card info manually etc. -Why the hell didn’t the Mint just limit them to one or two per customer (even given problem of people ordering thru multiple accounts) … and why not release high-demand, limited stuff on weekends so us working peons can get an equal chance? I only ever order from the Mint a couple times a year but this is complete b.s.!

    • The same exact thing happened to me. I ordered two coins of each variety. not only that, but the mint made me re-login twice. By the time I did that, they had kicked out both of the “o” privy variety coins out of my “cart“. Of course every time I tried to call the 800 number it was perpetually busy.

    • I had both in my cart one of each. The server did keep crashing but both were still in my cart. I proceeded to finalize my order and it claimed none were available. So basically they sold mine straight out of my cart. It was so shady and I was / am livid about it. If I available you don’t have the ability to add items to your cart. Why on earth are they selling items out of others carts?? Shady just like every other aspect of our government I guess

  2. Outright lies. Coins never offered to general public to purchase. I was on line @ 12. Website never allowed the public to order. Monopoly to coin dealers with 200- 500 % markup.

    • This member of the general public was able to get CCs and Os.

      That said, it helps to have decades of experience using computer systems because you get a feel for how to deal with balky websites.

      • This is true, not my first online sale. I’ve had experience buying other products like video games or collectors editions that would sell out in minutes. You are correct about the computer experience, especially with overloaded websites.

    • I dont know. I eventually got to make 2 orders. First one was 2 cc’s and 2 o’s. After that one went through i hurried and got 2 more cc’s (that will pay for the first 4 that i plan on keeping for the pc). I had to keep reloading pages. And i could fill in my info with just a click. I was nervous about trying to get 2 different products in my cart and changing pages with the chaos that was going on with their websites.
      I personally think they should make it a 5 coin limit per type per household.

    • Solution: don’t buy them.

      Why are we all interested in buying these modern knock-off morgans when the real deal is out there?

      Let the greedy ppl buying & scalping these eat their losses. Don’t buy them.

      • Totally agree! I’ll wait till they are worth less than mint price after Covid stimulus money are all spent and people realize that they made impulse buys.

      • Also when they make more of these because of unlimited mintage, the early buyers from buying from resellers will be crying.

        i.e. DO NOT BUY FROM RESELLERS, more are on the way.

      • Clearly you are jealous – They are not minting more. Do you work at the mint? Please share with everyone how you know they will mint more? Otherwise you post is ‘fake news”

    • Sorry Joe, it was not an outright lie! I got both coins within 4 minutes of the offer! I am counted in the general public! Sorry about that!

    • It took numerous tries over 20 minutes, first issues adding to my cart, but the payment processing was the hardest part. Got confirmation on my order of 2 each. In hindsight I should have gone for more.

    • Not “outright lies” Joe. This General Public person got 2 CC and 2 O Morgans. Had similar issues others had with website but didn’t panic and didn’t keep hitting icons and back arrows, which I think a lot of people do, and that just messes up the software. Good luck to you on the upcoming releases.

    • Not accurate, I am a random general public person who collects Morgans and only Morgans so I am not a regular mint customer. I am not a dealer, and I got 5 of each of the CC and O. Now, I only wanted two of each, and after 4-5 minutes of gateway errors and site crashes I got an order confirmation for 5 of each despite never having selected 5 , only 10, 1 and 2 as qty, but I am not complaining I guess.

    • 6-01 Joe, Did you read comments from Late & Slow ? You may read John Grisham novels, but then you maybe onto large scale government corruption. I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised that “the Mint” met with the largest US coin dealers to discuss these coins over a year ago. The conversation starts out like this “Will the coins sell?”. After formalities the ultimatum is delivered. The coins will sell because Dealers will buy the coins from you (Mint) and move them through television and websites that market the coins. Suddenly the ABPP is created with little regulatory oversight or Public comment. Powerful dealers have superior phone/web connections to the Mint to get large orders filled. The site tech doesn’t change much. Mr. Grisham could fill in some of the details.

  3. Wow feel lucky was able to get 2 of each after many attempts bought the Carson city first then went back to get the new Orleans separated order.

  4. Refreshed the page for the “CC” right at noon in order to get it into my cart. Was on the checkout page at 12:02. After multiple “bad gateway” and “timeout” errors, I was finally checked out at 12:17. Within minutes of that the “CC” was unavailable, and the “O” shortly after that. It’s a little crazy

  5. May 24th Wood, complain to your Congressman who authorize release of the coins. These people can be a public disgrace like Adam Schiff or brilliant like Andy Barr. No more releases until modern technology is employed to bring 90% of coins to the public i.e. widows, orphans, municipal workers, seniors, etc. but NOT Dealers who already get 10% of mintage through an advance bulk purchase program or ABPP. The Mint claims that the ABPP reduces web traffic because dealers are paying a 5% premium for early allocation. Very misleading claim. What Dealer do you know that wants to pay 5% more or thinks that 10% is enough? I can only think of two who are already primary dealers.

    Anyway signed in late and still bought a CC Morgan. Instead of buying 5-10 coins I bought just one knowing that the site was crashing and other small collectors, flippers, traders, and kids were trying to buy the coins online.

  6. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I also experienced multiple crashes of the U.S. Mint’s website and had to re-input my information numerous times. I was amazed when my order finally went through – and then to my surprise it was for ten of the ‘CC’ Morgans instead of the five which I had intended to order. Then when I went back in to try and order ‘O’ mint mark Morgans, the website said, “Currently Unavailable.” Hopefully, when I will finally have coins in-hand, there will be somebody who is willing to trade an ‘O’ mint mark Morgan for a ‘CC’ one.

    • I’d like to trade an ‘O’ for a ‘CC’ . I was able to buy 5 ‘O’ with much trouble. Like you it added 10 into my basket when I only want 5 of each. I wish I had kept the 10 now that I don’t have any ‘CC’.

  7. You know what’s gonna be impossible? Trying to get the Peace Dollars, with only one 2021 on offer and 200K coins everyone will be banging that website.

    They really should put a limit of 1 or 2 coins on for the rest of these.

  8. Order process was screwed. Have an account. Credit card on file. Preordered. They were in my bag. Went to finalize. Suddenly the product was no longer available. I guess the mint can take orders away when they don’t have enough for the bulk orders.

  9. Actually I believe the process was much smoother. Not perfect by a long shot but improving.
    I don’t think dealers should have a special advantage.

  10. website crashed multiple times, just kept reloading and going through the payment process. Got mine 16 minutes after noon. Was brutal but got cc and o.

  11. One minute I had two coins in my cart. Next minute the coins disappeared. Unavailable came up. That’s some BS.

  12. I got close, but still got shut out. I had a CC Morgan $ in my cart by 12:01 but I could never complete checkout. I got as far as the very last step and then got (another) “bad gateway” error, and then my item was no longer available (I have all the screenshots documenting the whole circus).
    One if the most frustrating online experiences EVER…but not as bad as the last two limited releases from these clowns. I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous…

  13. At least this time I EXPECTED a total circus, after the last two debacles with ultra-limited silver from the US mint, so at least I could laugh the whole time the system was completely failing. But thank God all the dealers got their orders in…

  14. You mean people are buying up these coins to turn around and resell them on ebay for much more? What a bunch of scammers, I would restrict people from doing that because that’s so unfair for honest people that want to purchase a few for future collection and to hand down to family.

    • LOL – Its called America – this is a free market system. Buy low sell high, or perhaps you dont know the basic concept of business?? Life is tough, things aren’t always easy. Deal with it. That being said I logged in and got my coins. If I wasn’t able to get them, which has happened in the past. Then I move on, dont complain.

    • FYI:

      Once you purchase anything, it is up to you whether to keep it and/or throw it in the ocean.

  15. I was able to get 5 of each one. Took about 17 minutes for the CC privy. I did the O privy as separate order I get free shipping anyways and figured if I only got 1 I could possibly trade at a coin show. I was able to use my stored credit card and address but I got at least 20 + error messages and I started at 10am MST definitely feel lucky I don’t sell coins just collect.

  16. I have to agree with many of the people who posted regarding this Morgan release. I had the same problem with the last few pre orders from the mint. They really need to upgrade their servers. I was fortunate to get the coins today. I wish I had a system to pass along to those of you who weren’t able to secure them.

    • If their servers were better, the coins would have sold out even faster. The solution is to limit the number per household. People don’t need 10 of a single coin, especially when others can’t get any. Many are buying the maximum just to resell them.

      • Spot on….

        I’d like one of each to keep and one of each to gift…

        I think a limit of 2 (of each) is much more reasonable than 10 and yet it allowes a little more flexibility than one. But most importantly, it would allow for 5 times as many satisfied customers.

      • Even better than a lower per-household limit: get rid of the production limit. Sell as many as people will buy. Then no one will be buying them just to turn around and resell them at a markup since anyone can just get one from the mint.

  17. Got in at exactly 12:00. Put 2 CC coins in my bag the first minute. After that it was a complete nightmare to check out getting timed out again and again. I manually put in my credit card info 4/5 times before it finally went through. Each time it crashed I was worried that I would lose my order. They should have better purchase procedures in place.

    • It doesn’t matter if they upgrade their system. There are groups out there paying people to buy the max number allowed. Which means there will always be too much demand, no matter the limitations.

      If the Mint started instituting a purchase program that gave buying priority to collectors (based on prior order history), or maybe a lotto system, then maybe you won’t see the site slow to a crawl.

  18. They could have limited the number to one per person if they wanted collectors to get them. Instead they allowed the scalpers to nail them down. I will not participate in this circus again. There are other better and less expensive world coins in the market. Good luck US Mint.

  19. If anybody believes the Authorized bulk purchasers only get to buy 10% of the mintages of these limited mintage coins I have a bridge for sale real cheap!

    • The best known TV coin hawker admitted on his show that he pays thousand of people to order for him. He then cries about about paying those folks a premium justifying his outrageous markups .

  20. The mint web-sight did not automatically go to preorder at noon eastern, so when I refreshed the page, it locked up. I thought I had lost my chance but I kept trying to get back in on my computer and IPad mini. My IPad worked better at refreshing and getting back in. I finally got 1 with CC privy mark and 2 with the O. I am just an average person and not a business.

  21. Same here! Had both in my cart,was at checkout,when bam,both were taken away! No one should have been able to order ahead,further more the limit should been one of each per caller or web surfer! With the way it was set up,not much of a fair shake for many!

    • I had the two in my cart sold out from under me as well. Hell they were still in my cart when it said they were no longer available. Shady

  22. Was lucky to get two CC coins. Had to keep refreshing but my order was confirmed and I was able to use my saved information in my account. I hate the coin dealers like the Coin Vault get a percentage of coins plus have their staff try and get coins as well. They said so on tv last night that they try to get extra coins but could only get about ten. There should be a law against that and they should be fined for trying to get more than they are allowed to plus making their employee’s do their dirty work for them.

  23. I was on at 11:57 then the site kicked me off I was able to get back on and and every step of the process took multiple tries getting one step further each time got all the way to confirm order, order processing then a scene pop up stating coins where no longer available and my bag went to 0.
    They need to recuse the limit even further and no one should pay the second hand market inflated prices. Completely unfair to the guy who just wants one of each to add to his collection!!!!!!!

    • Its not ‘unfair’ its called life. I am just a guy as well who wanted one. Grow up, you aren’t a child anymore?

  24. I was on at 12;00 exactly, got both coins in my cart but by the time I got them paid, they were both unavailable. the US mint really needs to limit items like this to one. they would have sold out anyways, this is unfair to costomers

  25. Was trying just to get one each…crashed…bad gateway…cart frozen…phone lines right to busy…total fiasco…

    • I had them in my cart and the website crashed 4-5 times . Each time it crashed it several minutes to get back to my cart . Sent the US Mint an email venting my disgust & frustration . I know won’t do any good however it sure feel good to tell them to stick the Morgan dollars where the sun don’t shine !!! There is many attractive other coins out there with less hassle to purchase . Not to mention that they are overpriced .

  26. The limit should have been ONE CC and ONE O per person, per credit card, per email address, etc.
    I am a lifelong collector only interested in purchasing one each for my personal collection. Now, if I want one I will have to be ripped off by the unscrupulous individuals/corporations that pay dozens of people a fee to call in for them and buy the limit of ten. Then these companies end up with hundreds to sell in increments on ebay, TV, etc. for triple to quadruple the original price. IT IS JUST WRONG!

    • Very well said. Could not agree more. You know that a certain person on a certain shopping network got hundreds (at the least) and will be hawking them certified 70 for 5x or more the Mint price. This was the WW2 commemoratives fiasco all over again. Even though mintages were higher the new dealer presale plus the generous 10 coin limit shut out way too many average collectors. Buying from the US Mint used to be orderly and easy, but with dealers and speculators using bots it’s turned into a form of roulette. You have as good a chance of hitting the lottery as getting a Mint order through.

    • You are so right. Its blatant. The tv hawker, Mike M. admits it freely on his show. Guys like him are shooting for MS 70s and have a cartel of other dealers or even another site of their own to pawn off the remainder for inflated premiums. They have the Mint in their pockets. Love to see an investigation of US Mint practices.

    • No its not wrong, but I can appreciate your disappointment. Business 101, buy low sell high – So you have never bought something in your entire life at a low price, then sold it for more? Wow – probably not the best business minded person. Life is tough – get over it.

      • David,
        I am and have been a very astute business person for over 36 years. In fact I am a CPA. Listen, I believe in making a profit just as much as the next guy. However, I do not believe in is gouging people. If these ‘entreprenuers” would sell these for say $185 each then they would make a nice profit and the buyer would not have been raped.

  27. “Late and Slow” contributor makes some really good points. Early reserve for priority retailer bulk purchases at higher purchase price seems to be an issue fairness vs. making money off Mint Sales. Why are there so few of these 2021 Morgan coins being made available? Same goes for the 2021 $50 Gold Eagle with new eagle reverse. Planned mintage is extremely low.
    Too many purchase conditions!

  28. I logged in to my established account at 11:55 and was informed I needed to update my credit card which I did successfully. At 12:00 I started the order process and ordered 3 “O” Morgan’s and saw them in my basket. I tried to maneuver to the “CC” page and the site crashed and I lost my cart contents. Tried ordering via telephone with 25 unsuccessful calls getting busy signal after hearing US Mint message. Tried logging back in without success until 12:20 and found the “CC” was unavailable but put 3 “O” in my basket and went to checkout. Tried to login to my account at check out and was informed my email address didn’t exist (right, I logged in with it 30 minutes earlier!). Tried to checkout as a guest and discovered that the “O” was now unavailable. Very frustrating experience which has dampened my desire to ever participate in a US Mint coin purchase in the future.


  30. Many years ago American Express used to give out a very limited number of highly discounted items (> 50% off) for the holidays between Thanksgiving and Xmas. The 1st year they did it, it was on par with what the US Mint currently does & has been doing for years – a real ordering fiasco. After that 1st year, the Amex items were hard to snag (due the low limits – eg- < 1000), but if you were able to catch one of the offers, then you were able to complete your transaction flawlessly, while under a countdown timer of 3 or so minutes per screen. Apparently the Mint does not want to do any better, given that technology has advanced over the past 10+ years since Amex perfected their holiday deals distribution years ago.

  31. Was my first time trying to compete for limited and likely very popular offering. Was in my account at 11:00 CST when the option to add to bag appeared, selected one of each, then system crashed at checkout. Kept trying, reaching the same point again at 11:16 CST, crashed again. Calling was waste of time, as busy or not getting though were only results. Finally completed order process successfully about 11:20 CST. Happy, but will be holding my breath until they show up in October.

  32. I tried to get two of each mint mark and I’m envious of those that were successful. I could not get the system to complete the purchase with multiple reloads and attempts. I received a lesson in futility. Congratulations to those of you successful in getting coins that you don’t have to pay a dealer upcharge to get. I am incredibly angry and frustrated with the whole mint purchase process. Wish they would come up with a better system.

  33. Call Matt Holben Chief Marketing Officer at the US Mint at 202-550-4323 or Ken Mobley at 202-740-7003 to complain as I did and I have spoken to Matt Holben before and NOTHING CHANGES. Perhaps if they receive many complaints they will be motivated to improve their website.

    • Nothing changes because it’s not their website that is the issue, it’s their provider for it. They use Cloudflare as a CDN server and Cloudflare can’t handle the load. You’re complaining to the wrong people.

      • Not really. The server didn’t sell what wasn’t available. I had two in cart trying to complete the purchase and they somehow were sold while in my cart. How exactly does that happen. You can’t add them to your cart when they aren’t available, how do they sell the ones someone’s in the process of buying? I call bullsh#+

  34. You have to be very persistent and keep refreshing the page even the checkout page I had to refresh multiple times and it finally went through! I’m pretty good at navigating this website now through the years how many times I’ve lost coins! Very blessed I ended up with 4 cc and 6 I’d was trying to get two and two and every time I refresh my car in the beginning more coins went into my bag and I was just trying to check out I don’t care how many coins were in there! I got very lucky! I know the next two coins are not gonna be that hard to get that piece dollar it’s going to be almost impossible! I’m not giving up coin collecting because it’s so hard to get them that is the Chase to right now! All I can say is just keep refreshing your browser on your computer you’ll get them! Unless it’s a 30,000 manage that sold out in two minutes! All my fellow collectors have a blessed day!

  35. I had website issues as well. Cloud problem in Chicago which tells me perhaps the site was being blocked or overloaded. Had 3 in my cart & all of a sudden it tells me no longer available.

    • Same here. I guess they sold more than the set amount to people on their bulk program. All of these in people carts ready to be purchased suddenly going elsewhere, how do they explain this?

  36. These limited mintages are all about satisfying profiteers and not the legitimate coin loving collectors that will pass their collections down in their families. Its all about how many MS 70s the commercial sellers can get their hands on to drain those graded collectors at inflated values. OK, old rare coins is what is it all about not fleecing the public who just want one or two of a new mintage. The Mint makes quite a premium on these coins. Why not mint a million so they make a bundle and so many more of us can enjoy the coin for a reasonable cost. June 1st will be another wild west shootout. June 7th will be battle of the budge. I got on at high noon got 2 of each in my cart checked out to learn that cc was no longer available. I quickly removed the 2 ccs and was able to get 2 os. Lucky me. Tough luck for the incredible amount of those that didn’t score.

  37. The U.S. Mint just announced that instead of using Silver, they will make the 2021 Peace Dollars from a material called Unobtanium. This way, coin collectors will not be surprised when they are unable to obtain one of these sought-after coins from the mint’s website. (Of course, they will provide dealers and scalpers a means to purchase all 200,0oo of the 2021 Peace dollars.)

  38. I think the mint got exactly what they expected. They over sold it and knew it ( in advance of the actual sale). They gauged the strength of the market and knew it would be fast, but to sell out as fast as it did; probably surprised them also. Some body that works for a living or is a new collector didn’t stand a chance at the coins. There is probably a whole lot of frustrated collectors out there, and they are reassessing what they want to do. Try again, give up, or pay substantially more on a secondary market.

  39. I received an email from the Mint that my order had been confirmed. Yet I have only been charged $4.95 the shipping cost so far. Anyone else have this happen?

    • Yes. Actually “charged” twice. One confirmation from PayPal pre-charged $89.95, then 11 hours later another “charge” of just $4.95. Odd and frankly sad that USMint is still in dark ages with its website. USMint should just contract PayPal or bank processing system to manage its sales to public who are better prepared for large volume sales.

  40. I was able to order one of each yesterday. I did experience the problems that I hear others saying but I kept refreshing the page and it eventually let me get to the payment screen and it processed the first time I tried. This is actually my first purchase from the Mint and I did not have high hopes of being able to get them so I consider myself quite lucky. I recently inherited my dad’s coin collection and he was working to put together a Morgan dollar set. I’m just grateful I get to continue adding to it.

  41. I have heard that coin collecting is a hobby for grumpy old men. Given the way the US Mint treats us, their most regular and reliable customers, I’m starting to believe that.

    See you all next week.

  42. Im also not affiliated with any business and was able to get eight O’s after tons of error messages. This was also my first attempt at getting in on a limited edition frenzy. Anyone know how I would go about trading an O for a cc?

  43. I appealed to St Anthony (finder of lost things) and St Clare (patron of electronics and computers) so with a little Divine Intervention, managed to get 10 ‘o’ and one ‘cc’ (not sure how that happened! but didn’t want to go back and get greedy and lose it all!) and I am one happy boy! Thank you St Anthony and St Clare!

  44. I’ve really had it with the US Mint not being able to figure this out. Here’s a suggestion. When they offer coins they KNOW are going to be very popular, like these official re-strike Morgan and Peace dollars, the examples sold in the first ten minutes should be priced at twice the “normal” price. From ten to twenty minutes at 50% above the normal price, and from twenty minutes on at the normal price. The vaunted “bulk purchasers” would still be required to pay the going rate for the time period during which they place orders plus an additional 5% and shipping fees. Ordinary collectors, even if they choose to buy during the first ten minutes, would still come out ahead of what happens to most of them now. Let’s see how badly those who game the U.S. Mint “system” really want to deny ordinary collectors a fair opportunity to buy them at regular price.

  45. For weeks now I’ve hammered the mint on social media telling them to lower the household limit to one coin per household for the first day or week and then open it up in week two if any stock remains (yeah right). They completely ignored myself and many others who predicted exactly how this was going to go. To add insult to injury they now allow the big authorized partners to buy up 10% of the mintage right off the bat that’s 17,500 of each Morgan and 20,000 of the Peace when they release, ridiculous. Was on the site before 12 at exactly 12 loaded one of each to my cart and then failed 20 times in a row at final check out and had to go back in and try all over again. When my order finally didn’t fail, it popped up the CC privy was gone, so I ended up with a single O privy.
    It’s ridiculous because all of us knew what was coming. The mint in the most asinine move ever reduced the household limit from an appalling 25 to 10 which is no better. This exact scenario plays out on every mint release now so someone needs to be fired over it. You can already see people preselling 5/10 lots of the not even released Philly, S, D and Peace dollars on Ebay. The mint needs to lower the household limit to one for the remaining coins. Even that isn’t really going to solve anything as the site will still get absolutely hammered but more people will be able to get a coin. I really wish the mint would just figure out the yearly offerings and then go back to minting to demand for the most popular offerings like they did in 2008 with the fractional gold buffalos, all of which are winners today. It removes the lure of the quick flip and allows every collector who wants one to get one. And if people want to speculate they still can but they aren’t going to be able to make any secondary profit until past year end when the item is removed from sale.

  46. The coins minted were 175,000. I don’t see much value to be gained where there are Carson City silver dollars in various uncirculated grades that only have at most 5,000 in that uncirc. grade of say MS 65.

  47. My cart got filled up after many error messages. But one request made it through. Maybe I can trade a cc for ones I don’t get.

  48. I got to to cart at 12 02 by the time I tried to pay the mint emptying the cart and coin gone ..that’s shameful only wanted 1 coin.

  49. Had an order for one of each and now it’s gone. Never doing that again. Dealers are now gonna scalp their customers because of this. It’s ridiculous.

  50. When is this crap going to STOP!!! An hour before at 7am (West coast time) I sent the u.s. mint a nasty e-mail basically asking when are they gonna wake up and give a rats ass about changing these friggin issues they constantly have! If your someone other than a dealer you should not even bother logging into thier system. You have a 1%chance to get any of these coins that are “special” commemoratives or issues. And if it’s very low mintage or contains a privy mark FORGET IT WE HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL to score one.

  51. Went through the same nonsense as many others and ultimately ended up shut out on both coins. What a fiasco!

    That said, I’m a big believer in sharing my hard earned cash with only those people and businesses which provide good products, good service and seem to appreciate my patronage (i.e. not the U.S. Mint). Typical government run operation like the totally inept Postal Service … a stinking dumpster fire.

    I certainly won’t be paying any further premium for these coins and can live without them and all the other Mint crap this operation endeavors to sell.

    A sad state of affairs going on with the Mint, but to be expected given it’s just another poorly run government entity.

  52. I had both in my cart one of each. The server did keep crashing but both were still in my cart. I proceeded to finalize my order and it claimed none were available. So basically they sold mine straight out of my cart. It was so shady and I was / am livid about it. If I available you don’t have the ability to add items to your cart. Why on earth are they selling items out of others carts?? Shady just like every other aspect of our government I guess

  53. Pretending they cared about the Collector by lowering from 25 to 10 , what a pathetic joke . With the media coverage the coins had the mint knew the average collector wasn’t going to be able to order either coin.Most definitely 1 or 2 maximum order for 1st day. Until mint director gets his little tiny head out of his big fat ass nothing will change.

  54. The sad part is it was us collectors that lobbied our congress person to get this bill passed and get these coins made. It’s a crying shame.

  55. When I finally got it, I was able to get 2 in my cart. Went to sign in and it emptied my cart. MO coins for me.

  56. I had 5 cc in my cart went to check out and got a message stating bad gateway, kept trying got another message stating handoff failed? Lost all five.

  57. Everyone that tried to get a coin but didn’t, you may be surprised to find a pending authorization on your credit card. I have a $870 pending authorization on my card but got no email and nothing shows in my order history. A friend of mine has the same thing! I didn’t catch it yesterday because it is hidden under pending authorizations. It will drop off very soon but I recommend everyone check. My friend called the mint and the mint said they had “no idea” how that occurred. I tried calling earlier and was on hold for 55 minutes before hanging up. I’m currently on hold again right now while typing this. I doubt it will do any good to call them, but if my card was charged it showed that I went through the process of ordering. I know the mint has some small amount of coins left and it would be good if they can “find” my order but I’m not hopeful. This just makes me wonder if in the case where the pending charge was made it that counted against the initial inventory count and why the coin is now unavailable. I and 3 friends were ordering and 2 out of the 4 have no coins but a credit card hold. Only 1 out of us four was able to order coins. And we all four were on our A-game and did everything right as far as trying to order the coins goes ( logging in ahead of time, refreshed at 12:00:01, knew what to do, etc).
    Check your credit card folks as you may be surprised to see a pending authorization but dont have a coin order. Note: the credit card hold will drop off in a day or two for everyone – both successful and unsuccessful.

  58. Logged in early, high speed internet, o and cc in the cart, had to scan card in again and confirm on a second screen. Lucky to get some.

  59. I had one of each in my cart and was checking out when my saved credit card information suddenly needed to be re-entered. By the time I re-entered and hit submit the site was crashing and magically the items were now no longer available. The mint should be ashamed of themselves for their poor system response on these items that likely will generate high activity.

  60. I have been collecting coins since 1960 and I have decided to halt, stop, cease, collecting anything dated 2021 forward. This is in spite of the fact that he Mint continues to offer attractive designs and products which I have supported through letters/email to my representatives in Congress. The Mint’s bureaucracy has not kept up. People have multiple accounts, bots, and the O-SO-SPECIAL pre-sale programs for bulk purchasers (dealers) limit the average collector who wants to buy one or two coins at a time. This is 2021 and the Mint has a 1998 web site that will crash in an instant. Well-publicized production “RARITIES” are ruining the hobby. In short,
    I am done. Goodbye U.S.Mint…and I hope the dealers loose money on their bulk purchase arrangements.

  61. Had one of each in my cart at 12:02. Got as far as “confirm purchase” and the website crashed. Some nonsense error about a server in Pittsburg. Tried again 8 times, same stupid error, and Bam! Sold out. This has happened to me the last 3 times I tried to order something limited from the mint. Funny how all the big secondary companies always seem to have a nice supply at 5x what the retail price was immediately after the mint is sold out.

  62. Received from the Mint on the delay of the upcoming releases:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    The United States Mint is committed to providing the best possible online experience to its customers. The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights. This level of demand is felt most acutely by the Mint during the initial product release of numismatic items. Most recently in the pre-order window for 2021 Morgan Dollar with Carson City privy mark (21XC) and New Orleans privy mark (21XD), the extraordinary volume of web traffic caused significant numbers of Mint customers to experience website anomalies that resulted in their inability to complete transactions.

    In the interest of properly rectifying the situation, the Mint is postponing the pre-order windows for the remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars that were originally scheduled for June 1 (Morgan Dollars struck at Denver (21XG) and San Francisco (21XF)) and June 7 (Morgan Dollar struck at Philadelphia (21XE) and the Peace Dollar (21XH)). While inconvenient to many, this deliberate delay will give the Mint the time necessary to obtain web traffic management tools to enhance the user experience. As the demand for silver remains greater than the supply, the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin. However, we are confident that during the postponement, we will be able to greatly improve on our ability to deliver the utmost positive U.S. Mint experience that our customers deserve. We will announce revised pre-order launch dates as soon as possible.

    Thank you for a being a United States Mint custom

    • Not anymore. The Mint just delayed the other four coins with an indefinite release date. They say they’re trying to fix web infrastructure before putting them out. This is the Mint we’re talking about. They may not be released until 2037.

  63. Before you read my first words and stumble over yourself to send hate my way, please hear me out.

    I don’t have any problem with scalpers. None. That said, I am a long-time collector and I buy just about every new release and hold indefinitely. I was able to get 10 Os and 10 CCs. They will go into my safe in October and probably remain there until sometime after I die. I was bummed to read the Mint email this morning about the delays on the other four coins. No telling when they will actually be released now.

    The reason I don’t blame scalpers is this…what is the difference between what they do and someone who buys a stock? Or has a 401k? Or someone who invests in art or baseball cards? Or Star Wars figures? The only thing that’s different is the timeframe. I see no ethical or moral difference. The game is to turn your time into money. If I were to go onto the Mint site and buy 10 coins with the expressed interest of re-selling them for a 200% profit the next hour, how is that different than buying shares of Amazon and holding for 10 years? You do it for exactly the same reason…to make money by selling the asset to someone else for more money than you paid for it.

    When I was a kid in summertime, I used to go to garage sales on my bike and buy baseball gloves and kids’ jeans. I then went to the flea market on the weekends and sold them for 500% more to migrant Mexican pickers (fruit). They were happy to get them. I learned then about the free market and supply/demand. If I wasn’t such a silver hoarder, I’d scalp the Morgans myself. It’s a smart investment with immediate return.

    When I miss coins at the Mint, I have to go to eBay to buy them. It sucks, but hey, that’s the free market. And I love it that way. Every sale on eBay has a buyer and seller who have decided they are engaging in a fair exchange.

    On the Mint site troubles, I wish they’d go to some kind of pre-lottery system. If you “win” the chance to buy, you are given a time slot to do so. Seems like that would help alleviate all the web traffic at one particular time.

    Next up? The Silver Eagle and Gold Set. I hope to get both!

    Good luck.

  64. I couldn’t get in…cart had 2 coins 12 02 site went down and cart was empty …sad really wanted both coins for my collection..now it’s on too ebay.

  65. I’ve had it with the mint and the way they handle these sales. The only ones who seem to experience no problems are the re-sellers you see on TV with their outrageous mark-ups. By reserving percentages of the mintage of ANY coin for bulk buyers defeats the purpose of the mints’ mission: offering coins for sale to the public (individual collectors.)

  66. Just to remind those that do not understand ONE ASPECT OF THE MINT ORDERING PROCESS. First and foremost is the MINT CANNOT UNILATERALLY decide the MINTAGE. CONGRESS writes and PASSES the BILLS that approve the DETAILS. The MINT then uses its BOARD to decide LIMITS and PREFERENCES ALLOTED to BULK PURCHASERS etc. The COMPLAINTS MUST BE BROUGHT TO CONGRESS…FIRST

    • In this instance, the law does not specify the mintage: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6192/text.

      Mint Director Ryder gave his rationale for the mintages in a May 4 Roundtable with members of the numismatic media, as reported on by Louis Golino in his May 5 Coin Analyst column:

      As for the planned use of product rather than mintage limits, Ryder explained that it was necessary to limit this year’s maximum to 175,000 for each Morgan and 200,000 for the Peace dollar because of the unprecedented demand for silver, which has resulted in the need to allocate American Silver Eagle production and has put the Mint “between a rock and a hard place.”

  67. The response it got from the U.S. Mint was basically, you snooze you loose. I told them in an email that I’ve been collecting from them for over 50 years and I only wanted one coin each. To bad, so said for senior citizens who don’t have IT knowhow. I need to stop collecting anyway. Happy collecting. Marge 88

    Response from the U.S. Mint:

    Dear Marjorie

    Thank you for your communication to the United States Mint. We regret the delay in responding to your message regarding the release of the 2021 Morgan Dollars with the “CC” and “O” privy marks on May 24, 2021.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience experienced. Increased demand for these, and many of our other numismatic items, has caused inventory levels to deplete quicker than usual.

    We have different sets of customers purchasing our products, including individual collectors and dealers. We do not provide preferential treatment to any of our customers, be they individual collectors or professional coin dealers, and we have measures in place, both automated and manual, to ensure that household order limits are adhered to. We have seen an increase of activity by another sector of customers—buying groups who offer to pay a premium to individuals who purchase our high-demand products. This sector is one of the reasons we are experiencing higher website traffic (and issues) during product releases, and why you are seeing high prices for our products on the secondary market. The Mint has no control over what individuals do with their numismatic products once they are purchased. Some customers choose to add these coins and medals to their collections, while others choose to sell them for a profit.

    The Morgan 2021 Silver Dollar with CC Privy Mark and Morgan 2021 Silver Dollar with O Privy Mark are currently unavailable. Should additional inventory become available through order cancellations, the coins will again become available for purchase. To receive a notification if and when the products do go back on sale, visit our website, locate the product page, and click the “REMIND ME” button to provide your email address and or cell phone number. If you receive a notification but are unable to place an order, it is likely due to limited quantities made available that have been purchased by any of the many other customers who have signed up for the same notifications. You will need to sign up again with the REMIND ME button to receive another email and/or text notification later (depending on inventory availability).

    We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

    For general information, you may contact us seven (7) days a week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time. Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time or by visiting us online at http://www.catalog.usmint.gov. To contact us by email, please reply to this correspondence or send an email to [email protected].

    Thank you for your support of the United States Mint.

  68. Collectors please tell me what your thoughts about the following experience with the the US Mint. I purchased a Gold Commemorative in the first week of May 2021. Received said coin on May 3, 2021. Opened package and immediately observed a “Hairline” on the Obverse. Using the enclosed Mint Form I proceeded to mail the coin back for a replacement because of quality problem. The Mint received this coin on May 7, 2021 yet did not process my replacement or respond to online “Chat” until today June 7 . The coin is still available today June 7, 2021, however, because of the increase of Gold price the Mint rep said they were not replacing the coin I purchased, so they were processing a refund check now 5 weeks later. Remember, this coin is available right now to be purchased for neatly $200 more. I expressed over and over that I wanted to speak with a Supervisor, but rep asked me to provide a phone number which I did. No call from Mint. Went on just a hour ago and requested the preferred and most effective way to submit actual Transcripts and Documents as a Official Complaint which I intend to send and file starting tomorrow. In basically any business transaction, with a reputable “Business” this would would constitute bad faith or “FRAUD” . I made this fact known several times with the “Rep”. Like a “robot” the same talking points were repeated back to me. The “Mob” would have a hard time getting away with this fraudulent behavior, however, the Mint believes it has the absolute right to use whatever means to justify arbitrary and capricious actions. I will not submit to extortion.


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