Monnaie de Paris to Issue Last of Marianne Gold Coin Series

By Monnaie de Paris …….

A Contemporary Allegory of Fraternity

Since 2008, the Monnaie de Paris has been striking coins that revisit the major numismatic symbols of France. After the Sower, Hercules, and the Rooster, the institution pays tribute to Marianne. Inseparable from the Republic she has officially represented since 1877, her face appeared for the first time on 5 centimes coins under the Convention. Her famous profile then adorned the franc, followed by the euro. To honor this unifying symbol, the Paris Mint has created a numismatic trilogy since 2017 illustrating the motto of the French Republic: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”. After “Liberty” in 2017 and “Equality” in 2018, the 2019 release is dedicated to brotherhood, or “Fraternity”.

An Inspired Design

Freely inspired by the bronze medal of Eugene-André Oudiné, the new Marianne from Monnaie de Paris has the grace and power that signify the aesthetic of coin designer Joaquin Jimenez. More captivating than ever, this evocation proclaims a harmonious humanity.

On the obverse, the extreme delicacy of the features is underlined by a Phrygian cap decked in oak and olive branches, symbols of strength and peace. The “F” of Fraternity gives birth to a dance of hands, each one seeking the other to end up in a formidable allegory of a united society.

On the reverse, the coin’s denomination (face value) is surrounded by a laurel branch symbolizing the euro, as well as by an oak branch. The whole design is framed by a stylized geometry evocative of the hexagon.

An Exceptional Object of Art

Struck in a limited edition in pure gold (999/1000) in the workshops of Monnaie de Paris, these gold coins are made according to the highest standards of the craft. True objects of art in precious metal, they materialize the excellence of the craftsmen who have handed down their skills for 12 centuries.

Engraved in the precious metal, whether gold or silver, these coins will never lose their value, as they will retain at least their face value. No matter the course of the precious metals markets, these numismatic objects, worked by the artisans of the Monnaie de Paris, can never be devalued and represent a beautiful acquisition for art lovers.

The following coins will be available:

  • 1,000 € Gold 999, diameter 39 mm, weight piece 17 g. Mintage: 5,000.
  • 250 € Gold 999, diameter 23 mm, piece weight 3.75 g. Mintage: 15,000.

These coins are available at the Paris Mint shop and on their website at For a limited time from April 9 to May 28, the 1,000 € gold coin can be bought at face value. After the official launch date of May 29, the 1,000 € gold will be valued at 1,090 €.

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