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Travel “Round the World in Banknotes” With Coincraft’s New Catalogue

Round the World in Banknotes - Coincraft

Coincraft – one of the largest sources for coins, banknotes and many collector objects in the United Kingdom – has assembled a new catalogue of highly collectible banknotes that includes selections of vintage and some very recent banknotes issued by Central Banks.

Entitled Round the World in Banknotes, the 47 full-color catalogue boasts offerings from almost every known country – even some countries no longer in existence. Compiled by Coincraft’s own senior Banknote specialist Claire Lobel, the catalogue includes selections from 232 countries, territories and issuing authorities worldwide with 99% of the selected notes grading in crisp UNC.

With offerings from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and almost every country in between, there are also banknotes that are part of Monetary unions such as the Euro-zone, West African States, the Central African states and the East Caribbean Central Bank whose notes are denoted with letter prefixes rather than a specific mention on the note itself. Included are banknotes from the former East Germany, Biafra and the South Arabian Monetary Authority to name a few.

Also included are issuing authorities or fantasy lands such as the Arctic Territories, Galapagos, Kerguelan Islands, and Spitzbergen. Just about every banknote included is an exceptional work of art, intricately designed and beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and high-tech security printing techniques utilized.

Collectors local to Coincraft’s landmark shop across the British Museum in London may stop by and pick up a copy of the catalogue, those online can view each banknote included in the list by visiting coincraft.com.

Coincraft also caters to the international collector by fulfilling orders from overseas, please inquire beforehand to complete your order. Coincraft will be attending the Papermoney Show in Maastrict, Netherlands from the 12th to the 14th of April. Additional information or images are available by contacting Michael Alexander, Firsthand PR at [email protected] and +44 (0) 786 624 5773

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