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U.S. Mint Continues to Surprise With 2017-S American Silver Eagle in New Congratulations Set

2017 US Mint American Silver Eagle S-Mint Proof

By CoinWeek News Staff ……
Earlier in the week, PCGS tipped off CoinWeek regarding the U.S. Mint’s latest surprise release – the 2017-S American Silver Eagle Proof Coin, available in the upcoming 2017 Congratulations Set to be released April 4. A Mint press release later confirmed the information we received Monday.

While this is not the first time that the popular American Silver Eagle Proof coin will be struck at the San Francisco Mint and bear an “S” mint mark, it is not the standard mint of choice for Proof Eagle production by the U.S. Mint. The “regular-issue” 2017 Silver Eagle Proofs are struck at West Point. The set will retail for $54.95 USD, which is only one dollar more than the retail price of the standard 2017-W American Eagle Silver Proof.

Combined with a product limit of 75,000 and no household order limit, there is no reason not to expect the 2017 Congratulations Set and its S-mint Silver Eagle Proof coin to sell out. Novelty packaged coin sets from the Mint typically do not achieve high sales figures unless some sort of numismatic “Easter egg” is included. The San Francisco Proof Silver Eagle will likely bring premiums in the secondary market.

Later this year, the American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin with the “S” mint mark from the San Francisco Mint will be available as part of the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

For its part, PCGS confirms that special Congratulations Set provenance labels will be available for 2017-S Proofs upon request. The 30-day “First Strike” policy will also be in place upon the coin’s release on April 4.

This makes the second surprise concerning mint marks that the Mint has handed the numismatic community this year. The 2017-P Lincoln cent entered circulation without fanfare in January, making many in the hobby excitedly check their pocket change. In light of remarks made by both U.S. Mint staff and attendees at the Mint forum in October of last year, it isn’t hard to see the 2017 penny and now the 2017-S Silver Eagle as parting gifts to coin collectors from the administration of Rhett Jeppson.

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  1. Why are they saying the 2017-S Silver Eagle Proof is the first to have the ” S ”
    Mint Mark ? I have 2012-S Proof and Reverse-Proofs with that Mint Mark.

  2. But… this $ will also be included in another set later this year. Important point mentioned in the press release. Total mintage will not be 75k.

  3. Interesting, i was on US Mint website, logged in, BEFORE noon. Put this coin in my basket and headed for check out, about 1201 or 1202. Guess what…. order kicked back, why?: “no longer available” This tells me there was a lot of pre-orders AND US Mints preference to dealers. Will wait to see what kind of greedy price dealers and such put on this coin.


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