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CoinWeek and Its Writers Win Eight Numismatic Literary Guild Awards

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek


Plaques, dinner, and humor dished out at Numismatic Literary Guild Bash…


nlg_award1The Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) Bash is a chance for some of the industry’s brightest and most talented writers to get together, talk about all things numismatic, and tell jokes. Lots of jokes… usually of the eye-rolling, groan-inducing variety.

It’s also the one time of the year when the industry’s leading writers are recognized for their important contributions to the fields of numismatic research and writing.

MC duties for the night’s events were handled by Scott Travers, who, alongside Mike Fuljenz of Universal Coin and Bullion, broke out a coin industry version of the Great Carnac. Together, they poked fun at the “monotony” of choosing the city of Rosemont as the site of the ANA World’s Fair of Money and made light of the dismissals of former ANA Executive Directors Jeff Shevlin and Larry Shepherd

The vaudevillian feel of the night continued as the audience was serenaded with coin-themed songs and skits.

NLG Awards Coordinator Scott Travers served as MC for most of the evening’s festivities.

John Albanese was given the organization’s highest honor, the Clemy Award. The PCGS, NGC, and CAC founder was not present to receive the award, but was recognized for his valuable contributions to the field of numismatics and numismatic writing.

Q. David Bowers’ Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money took home the NLG Book of the Year Award.

The first two volumes of this impressive magnum opus on America’s long-forgotten currency notes debuted this March at the Whitman Expo in Baltimore. Bowers and Whitman Publisher Dennis Tucker held a Money Talks seminar on the project, which is ongoing and dubbed “The Owl Creek Project” by Whitman.

Longtime NLG Director Ed Reiter was the recipient of the Burnett Anderson Award. Reiter, who has led the NLG for more than 20 years, gave an emotional acceptance speech in which he discussed the history of the NLG and Anderson’s lasting legacy. Those in attendance were touched by Reiter’s remarks and gave him a standing ovation.

CoinWeek took home seven awards.

CoinWeek won Best Online News Web Site and ran the table, taking home all three writing awards in the Web Site category.

Greg Reynolds won Best Web Site Coin Article for “The Fabulous Eric Newman Collection“. He also won “Best Portfolio”, an award Reynolds has won three years in a row.

Hubert Walker and I won Best Web Site Token and Medal Article for the three-part “Spotlight on So-Called Dollars“. We also won Best Web Site Paper Money Article for “The Sochi 100 Ruble Note and Other Circulating Russian Banknotes: A Brief Primer“. This is the second year in a row that we’ve won in that category.

CoinWeek President David Lisot won NLG awards in both video categories, winning Best Commercial Video for “Kagin’s Sells Saddle Ridge Gold Treasure with Amazon” and Best Non-Commercial Video for “More Advice for Coin Collectors”, with Michael Fuljenz.

In addition, CoinWeek contributor David Provost won the Best Column, Small Publications Award for his piece “Exploring North Carolina Exonumia,” which was published in the North Carolina Numismatic Association Journal.

The Complete List of NLG Award Winners:


obsoleteBook of the Year:

  • Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money, by Q. David Bowers

Best Specialized Book:

  • United States Coins: New Jersey State Coppers, by Roger S. Siboni, John L. Howes and A. Buell Ish
  • World Coins: The Island Standard, by John Tully
  • Tokens and Medals: Utah Trade Tokens, Second Edition, by H. Robert Campbell
  • U.S. Paper Money: Panic Scrip of 1893, 1907 and 1914, by Neil Shafer and Tom Sheehan
  • World Paper Money: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues, 12th Edition. George S. Cuhaj, Editor
  • Numismatic Investments: Cash In Your Coins, by Beth Deisher

Extraordinary Merit:

  • Ancient Coins, Ancient Skies, by George Latura
  • A Register of Liberty Seated Half Dollar Die Varieties, Volume IV, by Bill Bugert
  • Collecting Confederate Paper Money, by Pierre Fricke
  • Communion Tokens, by Michael Shutty Jr.
  • From Crime to Punishment – Counterfeit and Debased Currencies in Colonial and Pre-Federal America, by Philip J. Mossman (CoinWeek “First Read“)
  • Money of the Bible, 3rd Edition, by Kenneth Bressett
  • The Dollar of 1804, The U.S. Mint’s Hidden Secret, by Mark Ferguson (CoinWeek “First Read“)
  • The National Coin Album, by David W. Lange

U.S. Numismatic Magazines

Best Article or Series of Articles:

  • Coins: (Tie) “What Price Perfection?” by Tom DeLorey, COINage
  • Coins: (Tie) “Hidden in Plain Sight: Smithsonian Reveals Modern Era Treasures” by Jeff Garrett and Steve Roach, Coin World Special Edition
  • Tokens & Medals: “Habemus Papam: Popes on Coins and Medals” by David T. Alexander, COINage
  • Paper Money: “Paper Records “ by Scott Fybush, COINage

Best Column:

  • “My Two Cents’ Worth,” Ed Reiter, COINage

Best Issue:

  • Coin World Special Edition, May 2013, Steve Roach, Editor

World Numismatic Magazines

Best Article or Series of Articles:

  • Coins: “What Better Symbols – The Designing of a Nation’s Coinage” by Edward Colgan, Coin News
  • Tokens & Medals: “Rare U.S. Legion of Merit Award to an Aussie Coastwatcher Fetches Mere $235” by Dr. K.A. Rodgers, Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine
  • Paper Money: “The Issues of Armée Catholique et Royale” by Kerry Rodgers, Coin News

Best Column:

  • “From A to Z,” Bob Reis, World Coin News

Best Issue:

  • Coin News, July 2013, John W. Mussell, Editor

Non-Profit or Club Numismatic Publications

Best Article, Large Publications:

  • “The Tale of the Thurrock Potins” by Mark Fox, The Numismatist

Best Column, Large Publications:

  • “Medieval Coins,” Allen G. Berman, The Numismatist

Best Issue, Large Publications:

  • American Numismatic Society Magazine, 2013 Issue 4, Peter van Alfen, Editor

Best Article, Small Publications:

  • “Numisgraphics – The Flesh and the Spirit” by John W. Adams, The Asylum

Best Column, Small Publications:

  • “Exploring North Carolina Exonumia,” David Provost, North Carolina Numismatic Association Journal (See David’s excellent work for CoinWeek)

Best Issue, Small Publications:

  • John Reich Journal, December 2013, John Reich Collectors Society, Brad Karoleff, Editor

Numismatic Newspapers

CoinWorld’s Paul Gilkes (left) and author Bob Campbell (right) at the NLG Bash, August 7, 2014 in Rosemont, Illinois.

Best Spot News Story, or Continuing Coverage of Developing Story in Numismatics:

  • Continuing coverage of 1974-D aluminum cent, Paul Gilkes, Coin World

Best Article or Series of Articles:

  • Coins: “Stellas Illustrated Strange Theory” by R.W. Julian, Numismatic News
  • Tokens & Medals: “What Makes the 1776 Libertas Americana Medal So Special?” by Steve Roach, Coin World
  • Paper Money: “Hometown Notes Often Offer a Glimpse Behind the Scenes” by Michele Orzano, Coin World

Best Column:

  • “Shades of the Blue and Grey,” Fred Reed, Bank Note Reporter

Best Issue:

  • Bank Note Reporter, July 2013, Robert Van Ryzin, Editor


Non-Numismatic Publications

The Maurice M. Gould Memorial Award, Best Column:

  • “Money Talk,” Frank J. Colletti, Lost Treasure Magazine

Best Article:

  • “Couple Stumbles on $10 Million in Rare Coins” by John Rogers, The Associated Press
David T. Alexander presents CoinWeek’s Greg Reynolds with an NLG Award for Best Web Site Coin Article

Computer Software and Internet Web Sites


Best Web Site Coin Article:

Best Web Site Token and Medal Article:

Best Web Site Paper Money Article:

Best Web Site Column:

  • “USA Coin Album,” David W. Lange, NGC News

Best Online News Web Site:

  • CoinWeek.com, David Lisot, Executive Producer; Scott Purvis, Webmaster

Best Dealer Web Site:

  • HeritageCoins.com (coins.ha.com), Heritage Auction Galleries, Paul Minshull, Michael Weems, Brian Shipman, Ryan Sokol and Stewart Huckaby

Best Non-Trade Press Web Site:

  • Numismatics.org, American Numismatic Society

Best Internet Blog:

  • “The Buzz,” Dave Harper, Numismatic News

Best Software:

  • HA.com/Live, Heritage Auctions, Paul Minshull, Matt Jackson, Ryan Sokol and Michael Weems

Auction Catalogs

Best Auction Catalog, Coins and Currency:

  • “Missouri Cabinet Collection,” January 2014, Ira and Larry Goldberg

Extraordinary Merit:

  • “Selections From the Eric P. Newman Collections, Part II,” November 2013, Heritage Auctions

Best Auction Catalog, Books and Exonumia:

  •  “John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, Part XXIV,” September 2013, Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Commercial Publications

Lee Martin Founder’s Award for Best Investment Newsletter:

  • The Rosen Numismatic Advisory, Maurice H. Rosen

Best Dealer-Published Magazine or Newspaper:

  • Investors Profit Advisory, Mike Fuljenz

All-Around Award

Best All-Around Portfolio:

  • Greg Reynolds, CoinWeek

Audio-Visual Awards

CoinWeek’s David Lisot basks in the glow of NLG victory.

Best Radio Report:

  • “The Coin Show,” Mike Fuljenz, KLVI 560, Beaumont, Texas

Best Television Report:

  •  “The Coin and Precious Metal Report,” Mike Fuljenz, KBTV-TV FOX 4, Beaumont, Texas

Best Non-Commercial Video:

  • “More Advice for Coin Collectors,” CoinWeek.com, David Lisot, Producer; Michael Fuljenz, Author

Best Commercial Video:

  • “Kagin’s Sells Saddle Ridge Gold Treasure With Amazon,” David Lisot

In Appreciation

  • Arlene Germano, Entry Coordinator – For long and devoted service to the NLG and entrants in our Writer’s Competition

Memorial Awards

James L. Miller Memorial Award:

  • David W. Lange, The Numismatist, “The Search for A.W. Faxon”

Clement F. Bailey Memorial Award for Best New Writer:

  • Daniel Wolf, American Numismatic Society, American Journal of Numismatics

Burnett Anderson Award:

  • Ed Reiter

The Ribbit:

  • Tom DeLorey


Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker have been contributing authors on CoinWeek since 2012. They also wrote the monthly "Market Whimsy" column and various feature articles for The Numismatist and the book 100 Greatest Modern World Coins (2020) for Whitman Publishing.

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