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Harry Einstein relaxes in 1938. Image colorized by CoinWeek.

Harry “Parkyakarkus” Einstein – Famous American Coin Collectors

Born May 6, 1904 in Boston, Massachusetts. Died November 23, 1958 in Hollywood, California. ANA #7174. ANS member from 1945-1949. * * * Harry Einstein (also...
Charles G. Atherton. Image: 19th-century daguerreotype colorized by CoinWeek.

Charles Gordon Atherton – A Politician Who Proposed Coins

July 4, 1804 - November 15, 1853. Democratic politician. Attorney. Graduated from Harvard in 1822 and admitted to the bar in 1825. Served as...
1935 Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar. This example, graded PCGS MS65 was sold by Stack's Bowers on 12/13/2022 for $360. Image: Stack's Bowers.

Henry Kreis – Coin and Medal Designer

Sculptor, Coin Designer. Born 1899 in Essen, Germany. Died 1962. * * * The German-born American sculptor Henry Kreis is notable in numismatics as being the...
Annie Jump Cannon and the Delaware American Innovation Dollar. Image: CoinWeek / US Mint / Public Domain.

Annie Jump Cannon : The Astronomer Honored on the Dollar

The astronomer Annie Jump Cannon was born December 11, 1863, in Delaware and died April 13, 1941, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her pioneering work on...
Oliver Bosbyshell

Oliver Christian Bosbyshell – U.S. Mint Figure Profile

Oliver Christian Bosbyshell: Chief Coiner and Superintendent of the Philadelphia Mint. Born January 3, 1839 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Died August 1, 1921 in Philadelphia,...
This is a cropped image of Edgar Adams

Edgar Holmes Adams – Coin Collector

Coin collector, numismatic researcher, author, and editor. Businessman. Olympic swimmer. Born April 7, 1868, in Grafton, West Virginia. Died May 5, 1940, in Bayville,...

Edward Dean Adams – Coin Collector

Coin Collector, Businessman, Banker. Born April 9, 1846, in Boston, Massachusetts. Died May 20, 1931. Education: Norwich University (Bachelor of Science, 1864); Massachusetts Institute...
Blanche Kelso Bruce. Image colorized by CoinWeek.

Blanche Kelso Bruce : Civil Rights Pioneer, U.S. Senator, Banknote Signer

United States Senator. Register of the Treasury. Born May 1, 1841 in Farmville, Virginia. Died March 17, 1898. * * * Born Branch Bruce in Farmville,...
Colorized photograph of Seth Paine.

Seth Paine : Spritual Banker and Abolitionist

Died June 10, 1872. Seth Paine was a 19th-century spiritualist, a banker, and an abolitionist. At some point in his life, he got the nickname...
1876 Advertisement for Abbey & Imbrie. Image: Ron Gast / luresnreels.com. Inset: Abbey Fishing Lure Illustration. Image: John Lupia III.

Lorenzo Harris Abbey : Coin Collector

Early 19th-century coin collector. Born: January 14, 1822 in Kinderbrook, New York. Died: March 17, 1881, in Jacksonville, Florida. * * * Also known as “L.H....

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